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Sage caught a frog tonight

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I'm sitting watching TV and Sage comes zipping past me and goes into the room next door with Muddy hot on his tail. I see something really weird hanging from his mouth. Sage stops, Muddy faces him, and Sage starts growling at Muddy. I walk over to investigate and see a pair of frog legs dangling down from his mouth. Sage growls at me.

So I do what anyone in my position should do......called my husband over to take the frog away from Sage. After a bit of chasing around the house, we realize that he has dropped the frog somewhere, so we start searching thru all the rooms he just ran thru. Found the frog - a cute little tree frog that unfortunately was injured pretty badly. Poor little fellow is now a late frog.

So how the heck did a tree frog get into my house?

Anyone else have weird "catch" stories?
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That is weird!

My cat caught a bird and brought it inside once and I didn't notice...the thing was flying around for hours before I caught it. It was ok though. This winter Reilly caught a live mouse and took it onto our bed to proudly show us his catch, yuck!!, it lived too though...so all happy endings!
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sara found a tree frog in the computer room one night, how it got in there i have no idea, but i thought it was a cricket(which i am scared of) so i let her have it, when she dropped it, i quickly shooed her away, but it was too late... i felt bad, it was so cute
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A tree frog landed on the windshield of my mom's car recently as she was pulling out of the driveway.

My cats don't go outside but Baby Kitty still manages to wrangle up a few bugs, beetles, crickets, and two moles.
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Ours used to catch fruit bats, we had some living in our roof. The first time was a poor little baby very badly hurt and we had to help it out of its misery...

Luckily the bats have moved away but now the little garden snakes and big spiders have moved in. But then again maybe they have always been there and I just never noticed it with all the bat commotion, in a period of 3 months they probably caught 4 or 5 bats. The one night I saw Dexter catching one out of the air! I couldn't believe it, and this from a cat who couldn't jump all that well either. I think he had been saving up that jump and decided to use it for the bat. Oh how I miss that kitty...
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We don't get wild tree frogs in the UK, but I would guess it climbed in somehow and couldn't get back out? It might have been inside your place for a few days living off of bugs then the kits found it?
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All I can say to that is......oh yuck!
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Tree frog, hah!

Way back when, my sister and I lived at home and we had just moved out to the country. The property had a pretty good sized lake/pond not far from the house (about 3 acres.) Wooley Booger the great hunter had somehow convinced Linda to let him in and unbeknownst to her he had his latest catch in his mouth.

I was in my room and I have never heard my sister shriek like that, even for spiders (she's an arachnophobe) .

Come galloping into the dining area to find a HUGE leopard frog (how did she miss that he had this thing in his mouth?) leaping around the room. Total chaos ensued with my sister shrieking on one side (I guess at the time she would have been 25-26, and I would've been 15-16) me trying to corral the frog, and Wooley Booger trying to recapture his prize. Somehow or other managed to get the minimally damaged amphibian shooed back out the door (sans cat) where the last I saw of it it was hopping back down the hill toward the lake.

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I was at my parent's. My parents were on vacation in AZ I think at the time. I saw Oscar carrying what I THOUGHT was his toy mouse. Then he put it down and smacked it. I got up to see if it was under the TV stand and it wasn't. Although it was a REAL mouse! It was unfortunately dead but I almost touched it! I had to put it in the woods since I was alone! I was crying cause I was sad and scared the mouse would wake up and LUNGE at me!! Our cats didn't eat the mice but they would trap it in a corner and the poor things would die of heart attacks! My parents get little field mice all the time but that's my worse encounter!

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The girls had a lizard cornered in our living room once. No idea how it got in, but we got it out and it lived.
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Hah! We lived at a place once with an unfinished basement... there were no holes in the walls, they were all stuffed up with pink insulation, but two places in the basement led up to an open area. one came out underneath the back porch, one had a window. Anyways, this family of moles lived in the wood pile next to the back porch, and would skitter under the porch and into the insulation when someone was coming. Elliot proudly brought me one baby dead, and sat there and poked it with his foot and looked at me. I called him a good boy and gave him a pat, then put it in a plastic bag and put it in the trash. He just sat there and looked at me like.. "uh... what the heck did you do with my new toy????" and he would go investigate the trash can. He brought one more upstairs and it was alive and I put it outside, and the next time he got one he killed it, but he didnt bring it to me, he went behind the chair so his bum was sticking otu and he began playing with it... because he didnt want me to take it away. He then got the daddy mole... and about six months or so later, my mom's friend went down into the basement only to shriek "OMG! OMG! HE"S EATING THE HEAD! AAAAHHH!!!" and elliot ahd killed the big mom mole and proceeded to chew off its head and eat it. Yeah. Gross. My mom cleaned it up. He always tries to bat at my geckos if I have them out and he sneaks up, but he hasnt done anythign bad to them yet.
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You want to be careful with frogs as some have poison sacs inside of them. If the cat eats the frog he could become quite ill if that frog is indeed poison.
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Originally Posted by hissy
You want to be careful with frogs as some have poison sacs inside of them. If the cat eats the frog he could become quite ill if that frog is indeed poison.
Thanks for that reminder MA! We watched Sage closely last night and he showed no signs of illness at all. We don't have many varieties of poison toads/frogs here and the kind he caught wasn't one of them, but we watched him anyway. Who knows what weird things can do to their digestive tracks.

He's sort of struttin today after his big catch last night. The fun they have!
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