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More Tia pictures

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Here are a few more pictures of Tia

Tia playing peek a boo with me and the camera

Brave mountain climber Tia

Tia on JASPERS PUTER PILLOW>...gasp...

Jasper looking at Tia

Jasper and Tia playing
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Tia is so adorable.
The one with Jasper staring down at her and Tia ignoring him is funny!
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Oh she is so pretty. And I can see she has already grown some since you got her. Great pictures.

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opppsss didnt mention Jasper.... I meant to tell you that Jasper is a cutie too!!
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Originally Posted by carolcat
Brave mountain climber Tia
So is she still using you for mountain climbing practice?

I just love Jasper's coat. But I can see why the heat would be a bother.

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both are gorgeous! what a great face Tia has!
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JASPER!!! U gots a TV jes like ours!!!! COOL!

We luv alla the pichues. We likes the ones wif u in em bes! You so hansome! Tia, u so beeyooteeful.....a sweet sissy and big bruvver.
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It's so obvious that they are going to be the greatest friends! It just makes me want to say "Ain't life grand?"
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Ohhh!! Those pictures are just adorable! I Jasper and Tia!!

I love the picture of Jasper on top of the TV

They remind me of my kitters Simon and Elle!
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Tia, you're just such a precious little girl!Look at you way up on your mountaintop!You're just such a sweet baby on Jasper's pillow and playing hide and seek with your Mommy! Just look at you and Jasper playing together! What wonderful pictures!
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Beautiful pictures Carol. I can see the ones of Tia but the darn firewalls here at work won't open the ones of Jasper with Tia for some reason.

I'll have to check when I get home tonight. She looks so much bigger already. Glad they are getting along (for the most part).
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Thank you everyone, she continues to be a total joy. :-)
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Beautiful cats!!!!
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I'm glad you were able to get pics of Jasper. You've mentioned he didn't like getting his pic taken.

And both of them are sweeeeeet!
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Thanks, and yes, he HATES having his picture taken unless he doesn't realize I am taking it! :-)
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She is becoming a truly stunning girl! She has already grown so much in just 2 weeks. She is so like Mika it is amazing. They could almost be twins.
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I love that one of Jasper looming over her from above
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They are both so beautiful - looks like they're getting along ok... i know you're still supervising, but still - always great to see them play!
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Tia is so BEAUTIFUL.
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LOL! in that one pic it looks like Jasper is going to pounce on Tia!
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So much action! All I can get out of my Persians is sitting there looking pretty shots.
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Awww, what a little sweetie Tia is! And Jasper seems to be doing well with her!
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Thank you everyone, please keep the "get along kittys" prayer/vibes coming! They are doing well but Jasper could still use some improvement! I have a couple more of her with her "bone" if you all aren't tired of seeing her yet!
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I SERIOUSLY NEED a Tia fix. More pictures PLEEEEEEASE!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
I SERIOUSLY NEED a Tia fix. More pictures PLEEEEEEASE!
Dear Linda, I am working on it this very second, give me five and then look in fur pictures I will also email you some at home ok, HUGS from all of us
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