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It's Suspose To Snow

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It's suspose to snow here today and I am excited. It will be the first snow this season, and actually the first snow in the past couple of years. Weather people said it should start after midnight (it's 1:20 a.m. and I don't see anything yet--maybe it's like a watched pot won't boil) and predicting 4 to 8 inches. We have plenty of cat food and litter and of course bread and milk so bring on the snow.
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We are getting snow here tonight as well. YUK! Hate shoveling and driving in it. Tell me again why I live in the North East????????

I wish I could share your joy in it!
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We're suppose to get snow too! I can't wait!!
Deb, you don't like snow??? Oh, c'mon Deb! I was going to ask you to get your sled out and we could go sledding! :LOL:

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Hey can you guys wait there until I get there and then we can go sledding. We can use my St. Bernard. Seriously, I can't wait to see snow again and for the first time (in a long time) get to see my dogs play in the snow. Hey Deb, I can also rent out my husband to shovel for you.

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I don't like snow at all either. I'm glad there is someone else here who feels the same way! If we got snow only occasionally, and if it melted fairly quickly, it wouldn't be so bad!
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Ok - here's the deal - I will take the hubby to shovel! I will get the sled out but only if there is a big old keg of hot toddies at the bottom of the hill! I lived in Buffalo for 5 years and was there for that blizzard of 77 which about buried the entire city of tall buildings. Snowed for over 40 days...felt like Noah's ark - only colder!
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I understand why you would not like snow since you had lived in Buffalo. But, where I live, I don't see snow that much so 4 inches is a blizzard and worthy of calling into work saying I can't make it. The sledding sounds wonderful and I can throw in a bottle of Bacardi. See ya at the bottom (the hill or the bottle?).

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Hey ther Missy - seeing you at the bottom of the hill WITH Bacardi would be great! First one there gets a prize......
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Deb and Missy,
I might have to keep my eye on you both :LOL: After the you both will be yelling out to everyone. "LET IT SNOW, I WANT LOTS OF SNOW!" "I LOVE SNOW" and as for the sleds you guys will just take off on your bellies down the hill! :LOL:
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Loretta - you can join in if you want but you have to bring the snackies to eat after our long and arduous journey to the store beofre 'sledding'. See you on the slopes........
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Just put a pot of chili on the stove, suppers around six.
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Deb, and Missy we can't forget Frannie!
She wants to go sledding too!
Chili might be ready at six but the way I see it. You guys are going to be " Over the river and through the woods....
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Everyones welcome to come, we can sing together.
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You guys are too funny!! We are on the coast, so I am not sure how much we will end up getting tonight. As much as I get annoyed at the snow, it sure is pretty. We are all set..we have the ice melt in the winshield washers, the ice melt for the driveway and Ken got the snow blower running
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It is snowing right now. Yuck! Snow is the nastiest 4 letter work in the English language. How about I'll stay in the chalet at the bottom of the hill drinking the hot toddies & eating the chili while you guys get wet and cold snowing.
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Oh Sandie, please join us. If not to go sledding at least help me get them out of the snow once they come to a stop. I don't think they will be using sleds! :LOL: Bring the ice melt along so we can put it around them
It might be a while before they thaw out!! :LOL:
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LOL... We could put up a large tent with propane heaters,full bar and a pot of stew and chili at the bottom. We of course will need Frannie's St Bernard to pull them back up the hill
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We're coming and Sukie (the St. Bernard) already has a barrel under his neck with blackberry brandy in it and a couple of bottles in the SUV. I also have 2 huskies who would have a ball but we've gotta leave the greyhounds home cause they would catch cold. Gotta get Rene in also as she too would have fun. And Sandie has to come because she's the supervisor especially when Rene, Clint (Rene's husband), Sandy, Ken (and I'm hoping Kylee could be there to keep the puppers busy) come and help with the moving truck. I will not allow Ken to lift anything heavy and Sandie plans on supervising Rene and I because I've already told Rene that we can't carry heavy boxes because we will have the wine glass in one hand. Anyone else not busy and wanna come help with the move??????

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no snow here but it has been raining for hours! I'd rather have snow than rain
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When will you be arriving in CT?

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Hopefully before the end of January. I actually am having trouble renting a house because they don't want animals. I have Rene's husband calling on 2 houses to please keep fingers and anything else you can crossed that I get one of these. I wanted to be there already but figured the man above will know when it's the right house.

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You'll "get" the right house.
OK, fingers, arms, eyes, legs are crossed!
Ohh...could be a problem when I go sledding. :LOL:

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That by now the scientists could have invented WARM snow?? You guys can have MY share this winter. Barb said she wanted to see snow so I sent her some for Christmas..the US postal service messed up I guess and delivered it to all you guys in the south..except her.

Here's a fun tip from the Frozen North..find a big cardboard box,knock it down and go belly-surfing using it for a sled. After a couple trips the run gets real slick and the adventure gets REAL fun. Cheap too. A big inner tube works real well too.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Can I come?

Hey Deb M. I remember that snow storm of 77. I lived in Buffalo at that time and I was there for the storm. I was a mere 7 or 8 year old.

I love to play in the snow and build a snowman! I would love to go sledding, but I am too big and I will probably brake it. I don't want to hurt the poor dog's back! So I will just go on my belly. I will build snowcats! And an igloo. and make snow angels. And throw snowballs at you guys as you go down the hill.

It might snow during the Olympics and everything is almost blocked.
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Alicia - that was the worst storm I have ever lived through. Was a Sr. in college then - dating myself... I know. Hubby and I had just gone grocery shopping before, thank Goodness. Were in Amherst/Williamsville area. How 'bout you?
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I used to live around the Cheektowaga area. I have a friend who lives there still. I want to go visit sometime in the near future. I used to live by some apartments called the Keddingtons or something like that. Near a cementary. I used to attend Cleveland Hills Elementary school.

I also know people living in Long Island. They are my stepfather's family. I remember visiting Niagra Falls(I loved it!) I remember getting up in the morning or late at night the tv will be on an the national athem will be playing while scenes of Niagra Falls are shown. I also remember when we go to the store called Tops and you can they give you tickets to horse races. They give you the tickets, then you go home. You watch all the horses and if there is one you think will win, you rub that number. Do they still do that? I also remember how cold it got. That year that it snowed, the snow was up to my head and all the cars were covered up. The windows had to be covered with plastic so the cold won't seep in.
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We had moved to Sudbury, Ontario by the time the blizzard of '77 hit. We were north of the snow belt for that one, but I watched it on TV. We had cable because there was just no other way to get more than 3 channels (one in French) so we got several US stations. I remember watching the news from North Tonawanda and Cheektowaga ALL the time! Wow.
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My husband's family lives in Holland, south of Buffalo and in Arcade.
MIL lived in Kenmore and we used to have an apt in Tonawanda!!!!!
Used to go to a small Italian Rest in Cheektowaga called Nero's. Great antipasta there. yummy!!

We go back to visit about once a year - just to EAT!

Gotta love the food in Buffalo............
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Can't beat those Buffalo Chicken Wings. Thats were they are really from. O sure, I eat chicken wings here, but its not the same as Buffalo's! HOT!!!!!
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I can give you the original recipe if you want....used to work at a restaurant out there that made good ones.

The school would hve been Kensington I think! Cleveland Hill
School - I know where that is!!!!! WOWIE!!! Some of hubby's family went there when they were young. I know just where those apartments are!!!!!!!!!
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