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devon rex

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I have to find a home for a devon and his hybred 1/2 brother. I am in Northern Va.
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Are they UTD on shots and neutered?

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Yes they are neutered and utd on shots. They have no bad habits except mugsy the full Devon is a computer nut he does google searches and prints every time we forget to close the office door.
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There are a few things you can can place a free post on Petfinder classifieds:

you can also post on the message board: can contact rescue groups about a "courtesy" post. If you are willing to foster these cats and can bring them to adoption can contact Lost Dog and Cat Rescue and see about having them place a courtesy ad. They charge a small fee...but it does help to give your cats more exposure:

Good Luck.

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I posted here because I am hoping to find a cat lover who maybe always wanted a rex. I monitor the sites you mention and read a lot of posts of animals being surrendered I am so worried about these cats being tossed around. They had a hard beginning and I want the very best for them. I have a bulldog and she does not like it when they take her toys or go in her bed. they ignore warning growls and I have to supervise all the time. I am having back surgery and won't be able to watch over them. Thanks for your help.
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Although it is good to post should also consider methods that would not require someone who is "online". There is a really good PDF called "Finding homes for homeless pets" that you can download:

It gives advice on how to create an ad that you can post in your local paper. You should also consider posting ads at local vet offices, petstores, supermarkets etc. There are still many people who do not use the internet to try to find a pet so doing some paper ads will help find these 2 a good home.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for the advice I have posted with my vet as well as pet smart and grocery stores. My problem every one wants the rex but not his straight coated brother. I will keep trying until I find the right home. Thanks again I really appreciate all your help.
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Not a problem at all....I'll keep an eye out for anyone who is looking for a pair of cats. would help if you could post on this site a picture of the 2 of them as well as list their ages.

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They turned one in may and June. How do I post a picture? Sorry I'm a newbe
post #10 of 26 have to have the picture uploaded to a website..if you don't have a website...I believe you can upload your pictures to Photo Bucket. Then, when you post you should see a bunch of small will be a it and enter the URL of the picture and voila...the picture is on the post.

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Welcome, dogma. I hope you are able to find a home for these brothers to stay together!
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Thank-you so much and hello to you
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Have you tried the Devon Rex Rescue site?
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Yes I went there first. That was a month ago and I have not heard back from them after a few intial questions.
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If you still need to post photos:
Most sites will need you to have the photos already uploaded to the internet. You can do this by getting a free photo account through Photobucket or Flickr.
I personally prefer Flickr -

Good luck finding a home for them!
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I am trying to do it this is a test
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I can not figure it out i have the pictures on a site but when I post I don't get how the post knows where the pictures are. I tried it but it did not work
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I am trying again
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You may need to change the format of the photos for them to be seen online - In HTML, photos usually need to be in gif or jpeg format and sometimes the newer and less used png. But jpegs are the best for photos. If you have an editing program on your computer (Even Paint will do - under Accesories on Windows in a pinch), you can open your file and then Save as with a jpg format.

Good luck!!!
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Thanks for the advice. The picture is in jpeg format. I don't know what I am doing wrong. If any one would like to try I can email you a picture. I know how to do that
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I added them to a photo site I have since I was over my quota here (and I only uploaded one or 2 pix, oh well, c'est la vie) I actually cropped them a bit - thinking smaller would help re the quota but I was over anyway, lol

They are here - you might want to add commentary - who's who and so forth. They are all adorable!!
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Thanks so much that was so sweet of you.

The all grey is Taboo the Devon hybred and the other is mugsy the Devon Rex
Do I need to do anything else with them at this point? I tried to make a web page for them it is awaiting administrator approval. The pictures really don't do them justice. I am not a very good photographer.
Thanks again
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If your ISP gives you free web space, you could probably create a web page for them there. Then you could add commentary about their personalities and ask the Devon Rex Rescue page to add a link or ask other Rescues if they'd mind a courtesy addition. There are always people looking for Devon Rex's - and they are so beautiful!!
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I see the picture. Cute cats.

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Have you found homes yet?

Just curious.....What is the beeding of the Hybrid?
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No I have not every one wants the devon and not the hybrid. He is mixed with a british shorthair some info

Originally Posted by 4kids4cats
Have you found homes yet?

Just curious.....What is the beeding of the Hybrid?
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