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I agree, Rufus. I need to show my mommy my hunting prowess. She thinks it's so cute when I bring her my furry mouse, but she doesn't realize that I'm trying to tell her that if there were a real mouse in the house, I'd be the cat for the job!!! But, how do we convince them to get us some real mice? How do we get real mice to come in our house?? We live near fields, and Mommy is always saying about this time of year that Daddy needs to start buying traps to put down in the basement 'cause it'll be fall soon. Why does Mommy think we need traps for??? She already has me!!

Do you think PetSmart delivers???
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Ill tryn ti splain later but pawepa ia " inna bag " rite now cawse things suk tho i don see no bag. emmy way ill be bak later. rufuz
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Rufus! We're WAITING for you to explain! If you have an idea I think you should tell us...we should start doing whatever we can to get live mice NOW!

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Whut we gotta do iz lik get sumtin caled a kredit kard outta a purce or a pawpa foldy thinggy, a walit an jus sen a emale to a pet stor an order demz. An den the Ups hoomen wil bring dem rite to da howse fur uz. Wat d ya tink. Gud Ider huh? An git dis dey gotz difirnt colored mowsies too lik in wite an brown an gray an stuf an dey gotz fishys too. Roofuz
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okay, except my mommy don't use credit cards anymore. She and Daddy got themselves into such trouble with them.....I don't know what kind of trouble, except we cats were forced to eat the store brand kibble....yuck!!!
Would one of you kitties, after you steal....errr borrow the credit card, can you order some extra mice for me?

I'm not really interested in mice.....someone get me a bird!
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Hey dey gotz byrdez too. My pawpa's kard is maxxd owt he sed tother day so we need a rich kredit kard hooman to steel it frum. No eny? Roofuz
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psst... It's Kitter's. I got her just as soon as I could. Had to do it when Daddy wasn't lookin' He's always on his computer in the corner. I sit it mommys chair a lot and type when he's looking at his own puter! First let me catch up on some of the things here. Lukey, I don't think you're too fluffy. You should just eat what you want, steal your daddy's tatoe chips when hims not lookin'. My mommy is trying to make me fat! Can you believe that. She thinks I'm too "skinny", I'm just right. I want to be on the cover of PlayKitty someday you know! She keeps feeding me this Meow Mix stuff in a pouch, which is awfully hard to resist. It's quite yummy. Came with real shrimps and real fishy. I am doing my best to keep my figure though. Harvey, don't be too scared! I'll be thinking about you. I keep hearing mommy and daddy talking that I have to go back to that place again and get more shots! I don't mind the nice ladies there, they said I have pretty eyes! But I get so scared riding in that blue thing that goes zoom zoom. I think mommy's going to throw me away! These really mean guys did that to me when I was just a baby. Me and my mommy. I haven't seen her since. Anyway, just know it will be over soom Harvey! Bridgey, you sound just like your mumma being hungry all the time! That's so cute!

I have a few complaints of my own too. Mommy is really nice and talks to me and let's me come in the room where she sits sometimes. Daddy doesn't let me in there with him, but I don't like it cuz he makes it stinky anyways!!!!
Daddy also makes me dance sometimes. I don't like that at all. Mommy tried to help me and tells daddy to stop, but he don't quit till the songs over. I love sleep on daddys legs though. Thats great! One thing I don't like about mommy is that she did take me to the vet and made them cut me open! I will give it to her that I feel better now! But it was not fun at all and I was scared being away from home. That's it for now!

I will be here for the meeting, just let me know when. I will bring some of that yummy food mommy keeps giving me so she'll think I ate it, (Don't tell her!) ya'll will like it. I also bring my baby for us to play with, he's a purple hippo, great fun to practice killing skills! Ok, I gotta go run through the house now so they don't suspect that I was on here!!

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Meowmy Meshures out our fud!
She sez we on a die-it. We tryin to be gud bout it, but it sheshully hard on my bruvver shenandoah. he cumplayns. not me, i tuff it out.

anee ov u offer kitties on a die it?
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I'm a growing boy and My meowmy Lue says I need more food than what Meowmy Jan gives me. But I look good and Jan does give me treats. But I guess one day I might have to go on that dreaded diet when I am older.

As for mousies? I catch my own. But there aren't enough here to send to all the kitties. I hear there are places you can custom order mousies! Yeah! Meowmy read an article about a place that breeds them special for places called "laboratories". Maybe we can find that place?
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I'm gonna try to steal one of those credit card things tonight when Meowmy gets home and order a whole bunch of mousies with it tomorrow when she's at work. It'll serve her right for making me go to the vet!

Who wants me to send them a mouse?

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Uhhhh..could you get me a bird, please???
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Uz, Uz, Uz, pwease we wanz mowsies too.
Roofuz an Luky
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Harvey did you have to go? Did she catch you and put you in the box thingy? I don't know if I likes mice... Can I get one and a birdie too... I knows I like them!!!

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Oooh! Meezes for us pleezes!!
And a coupla pigeons!!!
Ooh, and maybe a lizard or two?
Some fish for dessert as well.
Yum, yum!
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we nevr had lizards! YUK, it scare us! happee fryday to all our frens!!
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Whuts a lizzard ennywa? Duz dey tastes gud? Iz et fast? We'l tri wun an let u know.
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I don't think I would like a leezard! I get scared of things easy.. I think I saw one on TV before... scarrrrreeeeey
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me an jasper would like birdys pleeze, thos lil hummer ones wood be good jasper sez! but if not a coupla regular ones, luv tia
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Wez tryed to get purpaw to get uz a mowsie or to but he sed it wood be krule to the mowsie, lik I kare bowt dat. I woodnt hurt the lil mowsie.....much
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Hey uz guyz. Pawpa got uz a kuple of Dwarf Hamsters to watch. He sez we cant pla wif dem tho. I think we shud name dem Lunch & Dinner...lol

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maybe they could be called midnight snack and dessert!
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Lukey and Rufus? If they are "pets" how come your purrpaw won't let you pet them?
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly
I don't think I would like a leezard! I get scared of things easy.. I think I saw one on TV before... scarrrrreeeeey
I saw leezards when I was in Floriduh once and man they were fun to watch but they sure were fast!!! I bet they're tasty though...
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
I saw leezards when I was in Floriduh once and man they were fun to watch but they sure were fast!!! I bet they're tasty though...

You weren't scared??? Wow, you are a super kitty in my book. I get scared of lots of things... I'm a scare-dee cat!!!
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Hullo to all da Kownsillers today, Dis iz roofuz an we been havin fun in my howas watchin da hammysters run an play an eat an stuf. Purrpa stil wont let dem outta hiz hand to run onna floor wheer we can chaze dem tho.
Purrpaw wuz gone all the morning yesterday at the blood bank.
He wuz reely tired after that an slept inna afternoon an then went to bed at 7 oklok in da evening. Da sun wuz stil up even..He gotted up dis mornin at 230 an maked da koffee an turned on the pooter sos we cud tawk to alla our frens. Happy Birfdae to Ari whose 5 months old yesterday. we shur hopes Boris iz bedder dis mornin. He getted stinged by da Reely Baad B i guess.
More later, Roofuz
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Hi Rufus! I sure hope your daddy lets you chase the hamster soon. It sure does sound like fun! Well, I had to go to the vet today. I got my shot and I did really good. There were doggies there barkin and yippin away. They scared me! I got weighed and gues what? I'm 6.12 lbs. ohhh mommy is happy but I feel like a cow!!! That yummy food mommy gives me now id just too good to pass up! I guess I'll have to live with it! Talk to you guys later.

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Hey Lukey and Roofuzz! Did your purrpaw know there are contraptions he can put the hammysters in and they can roll all over your apartment? Wouldn't that be fun?
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Yeah! We wil tell Pawpa abowt dem. Tanks for the info. Roofuz an Luky.
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Dose rollie hammy balls iz so kewl Iz folloin da lil feller all over da howze an it is reely neet. Tankz ur palz Luky an Roofuz.
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Originally Posted by BigKittenDaddy
Dose rollie hammy balls iz so kewl Iz folloin da lil feller all over da howze an it is reely neet. Tankz ur palz Luky an Roofuz.
You got them! Awesome!

Some time ago there was a caption this pic of a critter in a ball that fit in a car. And he was surrounded by kitties!
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