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1st ever Cat Council (For cats only)

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Well, first of all, I'd like bring this meeting to order....in this site that I mistakenly thought was for us cats.....This is THE CAT SITE, right? Then, why are there so many humans??
So, as President of this Meeting....I voted for myself, ya got a problem with that??!! Okay, I didn't think so. So, as I was saying, I'd like to have this hear thread....which I can't figure out how to play with it, by the way......Is for us kitties to get together and voice our opinions on living with those silly creatures that we have to take care of....humans.
This is a safe place for us kitties to vent, praise, brag, or share any concerns we may have about those tall, 2 legged beasts.
So, I have this to say....my "daddy" is very abusive to me. He always picks me up and moves me off the most comfortable couch. Like he can't sit on the floor? And does he realize how long it took me to warm up the cushion for him? (It took me all day....he does have a big butt) Does he says "Thank you. You are a great cat and treat me well."? No. Then he only buys me the cheapest food....knowing full well that I have refined tastes and should have my meal slightly warmed and fresh? Mommy has tried taking up my cause and asked him to go catch some fish for me (i'm not allowed outside) And he laughed!!
Hey! Now wait.....my boy human has gotten out a real thread for me to play with.....he is really great. Gotta play!
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Hi, emmy! We agree totally.
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Well, I'm not interested in playing with some silly string, so I decided to come on and reply to Emmy's claim. Her Daddy isn't so bad....he's the best head scratcher around. In fact, part of his bedtime ritual is I climb up on the scratching post and lay down with my head close to where he'll pass my as he goes upstairs. And then I wait for him to start scratching!!! He enjoys this immensely and I can't really deny him the pleasure of giving me a head rub.
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I don't really have any complaints about my meowmy. The only thing that bugs me is bath time!! Can't they see that I know how to wash myself?! What's the point in water anyway? We can easily keep ourselves clean with our tongues right?!

Other than that I'm spoiled

The one and only Rock N Roll Kitty,
Jack Daniels Joe
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I wishes my Pawpa wuld kwit kutting my clawz it reele annoise mee. I wuvves him too much to bitze himz butt hees axin fur a bigg chompz onna legg one of dis dayz... Rufuzz & Lukiezy
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Well! We've been waiting since April to vent on this one! Mama won't keep still when we sit on her! I mean doesn't she know it's rude to disturb us when we are napping!?! Especially when we sit on her chest. Doesn't she know that it's the best place to stretch out? And she only lets us play with her hair for like 5 minutes. We can't help if we sometimes might sorta bite her head. It's funny stuff that hair they've got! And they complain about ours! Oh and how come they get to eat off the table and we have to use the floor!?! What is up with that!?!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
It's funny stuff that hair they've got! And they complain about ours!
Totally agree with you on that! At least me and my 2 partners are courteous enough to try to get all our loose hair to go under the sofa, or other such places.....there hair on the other hand is always in the bathtub...when they know how nice and cool that is for me....but laying in human hair.....yeechh!
Emmy, Samson & Ranger
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me and scooter love to get on the place where they make food, but they keep pushin us down. our meowmy cleans poor little scooter's ears and makes him cry. i am his mommy and i can keep his ears clean all by myself. she rubs my tummy and says it is pretty, but i think it would be pretty if it was full of kittens. i love kittens, but i can't make any, so they gave my my little scooterpie, but he is almost all grown up. i wish meowmy would bring me another kitten. daddy says we have enough kitties in the house. the cat down the street has 3 babies, and i can see them from the hole in the wall. i can see through it, but i can't get out of it. i don't like outside much, but i would love to go play with those baby kits!
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Hay, can I bee the kownsil tresser, trysareu,, oh u know the cat in charge of the moneys cawse then well haves pelentie of kibbles and mousies and katnipz for us and iwyl getz us that grazzy stuff we likz. Hi 5 paws, Rufus
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I fink I'm spoilt cuz my meowmy lets me eat on the computer desk. It's a big desk so's I can fit up der! They don't allow me on the counterz but they allows me to get up on desks and drezzers!! Rufus and Lukey I agreez I hate having my nails clipped!! I mean how are we sposed ta defend ourselvez if trouble ever comes?!
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Hello. Ari here.

The kitties who read my thread "Help my Meomwy is starving me" (okay, bro Jasper T. started it but he left and I took over) know the problems I have with my meowmy Jan waking up and feeding me at the proper time! 5am! It's getting light so I get hungry.

Sigh, the humans are so clueless at times.
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Hey Rufus----can you be trusted with the money??? You won't go and blow it all on catnip and O.D. will ya? We definitely have to have a better government than what those 2 legged beasts......all the lying and stealing.
I hereby appoint Rufus as Money handler.

My mommy is getting me some treats- ----I sure do love my mommy.

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Weel just hafta by da kibblz and mouses cawze pawpa twoffeetz he growz catnipz and thet grass stuffs on the windo where de byrdiez iz.. Maybe he kan makes sum catnipz tea?? I tink dat wuld be gud.
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I guess mom and dad aren't all that bad. Even though they do leave us alone all day long. But we don't do anything but sleep so it's okay. Sometimes mommy is nicer than daddy, she lets me taste a little people food every now and then. But she doesn't let Annabelle or Daisy do this. And they finally got rid of that other black cat that was taking up so much of mommy's time. She (Hazel, I think) got shipped to grandma's house. I was glad to see her go but I know mommy and daddy were upset. They still see her so what do they care. Besides, more cuddle time for me now! Well, I have to go torment my 2 sisters now before mom and dad get home. So glad this thread was started, we cats have to stick together.

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Such a good idee!
We'z gonna write bout the Cat Council in our next edishun of Da Kitty Chronuculls.
Our meowma and purrpa don't do too many bad tings. Meowmy don't let me have faucet water whenever I want it tho--she usedta but then purrpa made her stop cuz he said I couldn't always get whatever I want, dat meens I'm spoiled! I usedta live only wif meowma beefor she and purrpa gots married-ed, and she would leave the faucet on in da bafroom just a little drip drip so I could haves it whenever I wanted it.

But, alas, no more.

Emma sez she don like it when purrpa and meowma try to pick her up alla the time, but I like bein picked up and carried round likes a little hooman baby
Emma speshully don like it wen dey try to gives her a manicure and pedicure. She almoss took somebody OUT at da betternarians wen dey tried to do dat!

I tink we shuuld have ee-lections to see who is da head of da council and da secretary and treasurer and whatnot.
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we like how u say, "betternarians," LOL!
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Me and Woofus nomenatees Rosie as the Pin up Poster gurl cat...an Sophie as the odder pinup gurl cat. rrraarr, rrraarr.
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Originally Posted by BigKittenDaddy
Me and Woofus nomenatees Rosie as the Pin up Poster gurl cat...an Sophie as the odder pinup gurl cat. rrraarr, rrraarr.
Down boys!!!
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Me an Lukie sez to Jan ;-}pppppppppptttttttt.
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Hey, it's me that's postin'! Ari
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Hey, it's me that's postin'! Ari
Me an Lukie sez to Jan & Ari & Jasper & ennywun else two...lol ;-}pppppppppptttttttt.
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Originally Posted by BigKittenDaddy
Me an Lukie sez to Jan & Ari & Jasper & ennywun else two...lol ;-}pppppppppptttttttt.
Ands you wants us to trus yous wit the monees?

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my vote's for Carly cat......anyone who looks as beautiful as moi can't be all that bad. -- Emmy
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sorry i got here late

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Weeel our pawpa is gunna make us catnipz Ices tea fur the meetingz so It will be gud.
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I wuld like to heerby announce my running fo election as Cat Council Press Corresponndennt. Since I am now a world-famus journalisst, and publisher of the Pawlitzer Prize winning Kitty Chronuculls, I tink it's only fittin dat I should hold dis office.
Miss Emma will be running wif me as the Undersecretary of Press and will be in charge of deelin wif all da gossip dat may arize surroundin da Cat Council.

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Rufus and Lukey--Don't bogart the catnip tea, kay guys? Us journalissts needs to blow off a little steem every now and den, u know what I'm sayin?
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my meowmy helped me make one of those ruly good litterbox cake things so we can have snacks for the meowting!
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litterbox cake, soundss interesstin, can i have da recipe?
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