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Help with kitty litter

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Okay so I used the last of Joey's litter today and well this litter didn't do a very good job with odor because whenever I'd clean it out and Joey would go in like ONCE it would stink up the entire room and stay that way until needing to be cleaned again. So please tell me what's the best litter to get!!
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OH and...please keep in mind I'm 17 with one job as a busser/cashier for a restaurant so..i can't really get anything super pricey and I am the one paying for the litter..*sighs*
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I use Tidy Cats Scoop and haven't had a problem with odor. I get the Multi-Cat, but there is also Long Lasting Odor Control. I also just saw that they have introduced a new "Small Spaces" scoopable litter, but I couldn't tell you if it works or not.

Tidy Cats is pretty reasonably priced, too. Actually, we just got a 40 lb. box of the scoopable at Petsmart on sale for $8.99 (regularly $13.99), and added a $1.00 coupon. 40 lbs for $8 is pretty hard to beat!

I'll move this to Care & Grooming.
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What are you using now? I've had fantastic luck with Tidy Cats Scoopable, even with five cats. When Bella was an only kitty, you didn't even know I had a litterbox unless you saw it!
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Right now I was using Tidy Cats Multiple cats and well...even in an enclosed litter box it made that room it's my bedroom
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Can you place the box in another room? That would prob be better! I use Yesterday's News but it can be pricey. The MultiCat formula seems to work well for many people.

I I am home and see my kitty do her biz, I am right behind her - getting rid of te nasty stuff. If not, I do it as soon as I get home if I can.

Good luck!
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If it smells that bad, maybe you should try a different food brand that gives less stinky poo?
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I think I use the arm and hammer scoopable. And have done so for about 2 years now. In the beginning I put their litter box in the spare bathroom in the tub (no mess to clean up) and it contains the smells in there. But ya know what? I never smell the kitty box ever.

Good Luck, just keep on expirementing I'm sure you will find one that will work for you. Just keep in mind that cats don't like their litter to be to overloaded with perfume.
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I also use Arm & Hammer scoopable, no complaints so far!
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I wish I could put it in another room but I can't cuz my mom wants it to be in my room.

Have you guys ever heard of the odor crystals? Do you know anything about those?
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Originally Posted by Anne G
If it smells that bad, maybe you should try a different food brand that gives less stinky poo?
I agree with Anne- the brand of food can affect the smell of pee/poop. I know that's hard to believe but believe me it's true! When I switched food, I noticed that the odors from litterboxes DECREASED DRAMATICALLY....

I also use scoop away and it works great... Price isn't too bad either..

Good luck...
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Originally Posted by Pamela
I agree with Anne- the brand of food can affect the smell of pee/poop. I know that's hard to believe but believe me it's true!
I'll 3rd this suggestion...if it's the poop odor that's getting you, sometimes switching to a new food will make a huge difference (be sure to switch foods gradually, starting with a little of the new food in a serving of the old, increasing the amount of new food a bit at a time). The premium brands of food may seem more expensive, but you usually don't have to feed as much to get the same nutrition/calories, so the feeding cost is usually the same.

I loved the litter crystals - they controlled odor really well, but they were too expensive for my multi-cat house.
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I use the Wal-mart brand (very inexpensive) and I find that pretty good. The biggest difference for me in my little apartment was getting them a covered litterbox. Since rambo got back from his surgery he's been on a all wet diet and that has added a bit to the stink...but once they cover it's good to go.
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Right now I'm feeding him Purina Cat Chow the indoor formula.
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Originally Posted by Lil_Axl_Gurl
Right now I'm feeding him Purina Cat Chow the indoor formula.
That's what I used to feed my cats and BOY did their pee/poop STINK!!!

I now use 2 kinds- Nutro Natural choice and Pro Plan Choice and they work GREAt. They're more expensive but WORTH it....
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Cheap litter.. well the lady I got my cat from had a lot of cats, so she kept the cost down buy using Exquisicat from PetsMart. I saw it the other day in the store, and I believe it was 35 pounds for $6-7. Its a great bargain, but I don't use it anymore. I didn't have a problem with odors, but I didn't like the dust, and I really didn't like the idea of my kitty breathing all that dust as well as licking himself and digesting it into his body. I use Sweat Scoop now. It isn't really expensive either, but you wanted the low end with no smell and that is what I experienced with Exquisicat. You might try it. I also agree with the other posters about diet. It is amazing what a good diet can do for your cat.. or dog for that matter. Probably for us too.
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Feline pine has wonderful odor control, especially if you keep the solid waste cleaned out often enough.

The urine absorbs into the pine, turning it into sawdust. The sawdust is then odorless. I have a mom who is an absolute clean freak who can smell a bad smell a country mile away who swears whenever she visits that I'm lying to her about not changing the kitty box but every 3 weeks.

That's the other neat thing about Feline Pine, is that it lasts so long. As long as you keep the pooh cleaned out, the littler can go up to three weeks for a single kitty. It's also VERY cheap, about $3.75/bag, and you can usually find deals for 2 bags/$6. Best of all if you go to their website - just type, I believe - they'll pay for your first bag.

Some kitties take time to adjust, and the reccomend mixing it with their favorite littler at first. I tried this for the first few days, but ended up with a big mess of gross scoppable littler mixed with the I just dumped the whole thing and gave her just feline pine and she went with it. Worked wonderfully. She loves it as much as I do.

Good luck on your choices!

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the cheapest I have found with decent to very good odor control is egg layer crumbles aka chn feed ... 50 lb bag last two cats a month with two jumbo boxes and on med box ... it clump s and at 8-12 dollars a bag is very reasonable
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I have tried a lot of litters. My cat Nitosha had litter stuck in her stomach!!! yep it's true, rare but true! It is due to the silica in MOST clumping litters. I have switched to pestal. I can only find it a speciality pet store. I love it because it is very very small granuals, like dirt, NO DUST at all, and it is biodegradable in the cats stomach, it is also clumping but NO SILICA at all, super cheap too. I pay $9.00 for 40 lbs. Since I have used it Nitosha has been fine.
Think about it! when a cat pees, the clumping litter sticks together. When it is in their stomach (from grooming and getting it out from between their paws after the litter box) and the cat drinks water it clumps!!!

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