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Getting 2 cats - questions

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Hi all!

I have a few questions about getting 2 cats instead of 1.
These 2 cats in question are 46 weeks old, and sisters.

1) Right now apparently they are using different litter boxes in their foster home because one is "fastidious". Will I be able to eventually get them to use one litter box? My place is soooo small, and the bathroom really only has room for one. If I get one litter box, will a medium sized one work or do I have to get a large sized one?

2) How many carriers? One large one, or two medium sized ones?

3) Are 2 cats so much more work than 1 cat?

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The rule of thumb for litterboxes is 1 per cat + 1, although living in an apartment I understand your situation. We have 2 boxes for 2 cats and that seems to work well, at least for my two.

We have 1 larger carrier that also works for our two, but they also are pretty calm in the car. One gets very quiet and the other screams, but neither are seriously anxious (i.e. throwing up, urinating or defecating in the carrier, redirected aggression).

Two cats really aren't any more work than one, except for vet bills. But they are twice the FUN and LOVE as one kitty!

I'll move this to Care & Grooming.
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There are probably people here who know more than I do, but I'll give this a shot.

1) Probably not. It's generally better to have as many litterboxes as you have cats. Especailly if one is picky, you might be setting yourself up for problems if you try to make them go in the same one. If you get one, you'll probably need a large one.

2) I'd recommend two medium carriers. I can't imagine trying to get one cat to stay in a carrier while getting the other one in there.

3) No. Personally, I think 2 are less work than one. They keep each other company.
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Bijou and Mika are the first two cats we've had together and it's wonderful. My husband said one cat was enough, but when our daughter moved back home with her cat there was no choice. Now my husband says it's wonderful to have them both.

We have 2 litter boxes - one in our bedroom and one in our daughter's room. We scoop the litter at least once per day and only change it completely about once every 6-8 weeks and trust me - there is no odour. Naturally right after they do their poo business there is a bit of a smell, but just like humans going to the bathroom, it dissipates.

The kitties tend to choose to pee in the one in our room and do their poo in our daughter's room - that suits us just fine.

It really is a joy having the 2 of them. They are together alone during the day and keep each other company.
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One warning on the carrier - My girls were fine and easy to get together into their carrier - but once they were full grown, boy were they heavy and that large carrier hard to keep from bashing into things.

As someone of diminuative stature I find two medium carriers easier to deal with.
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Two litter boxes plus one would be what you need but in an apt, maybe two would suffice. I have one cat who has 2 herself - she is a real diva!! I think all cats are fastidious actually.
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I would say 2 litterboxes. Put one in the bathroom and why not stick one in the laundry room or bedroom (maybe a walk-in closet)??

I also would go with two medium carriers.

I also think having two cats is easier than one. They keep each other company and play together....
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I actually think you could at least try one litterbox - Meeko and Esmeralda shared one litterbox for nine years, without a single problem. If there *is* a problem, *then* you could add a second box somewhere, but I'd give one a shot and see how they react.
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I have to agree with the two medium carriers. Our apartment is small and we have four boxes for the four we have so I think you could make two work for yours.

Two cats are just as easy to deal with as one and they keep each other company.
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1) I have 2 litter boxes, 2 cats, everyone's happy and I've had no problems with "accidents" or "presents" being left for me.
2) I would get two carriers if it were me, my cats both get stressed in the carrier and I'm afraid they would take it out on each other!
3) Just count on a larger food/litter bill and twice the vet bills. Other than that, I've found having 2 cats to be almost LESS work, since they play with each other and keep each other company. I don't have to worry as much when I'm gone or when I leave them in someone else's care, because they tend to be bored less.
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