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ringworm question

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Hi, I have 5 cats, 6 dogs, and several parrots (not to mention my 4 human kids). One of the Siamese kittens that I have was exposed to ringworm. We were assured before getting her that she was clear but just in case given a bottle of Lyme sulfur dip (YUCK). We got her as a mate for my male kitten and sure enough he has gotten it, 2 dogs, myself and 2 of my kids.
I am dipping them every 3 days (including the rest as I don't want anyone else to get it) The humans are using Lamasil and it seems to be going away. My question is how long do we have to continue to dip my group to ensure it is gone??
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Till your vet gives you the all clear that the fungus is gone. It is tenacious and once it spreads it continues to do so. I fought in one year and thankfully haven't seen it since here but boy it took a long time to eradicate it. All the humans and all the cats and the dog got it from one little kitten before we realized it was even here.
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Oh boy...you are in for it. Don't give up...keep after it. Eventually you will win.
If you need to vent...this is a good place to do it. Let us know how the battle is going.
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Why dipping them?

We have simple medication in a pill form that works quickly and efficiantly(sp?)
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I got it around the end of march. However, i got it from my microbiology lab(probably one of the vet-techs at my bench). Neither of my cats have gotten it from me(god help me if they do). I still have it though, just barely, you can still see some of the major spots, but they are really light and they are not spreading anymore.
I have stuff to bathe the cats in just in case.
And needless to say I have been a clean-freak and germ-freak every since I got it!

You will beat it! You just gotta have patience, which I know is hard. And determination!

Best wishes!
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My little Sluggo had it and my vet told me to apply an anti fungal creme to the affected areas twice a day. I did and after 3 weeks every spot was gone! My vet said it takes about 4 weeks to get rid of. It's been a couple of months now and no reoccurance!
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i hate ringworms... so much heartache caused when Ariel;s fur to drop leaving bald patches.. she is slowly recovering from the ringworm now and fur is growing back... I HATE RINGWORMS!!!!
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Thanks for the support. It is making me crazy. We didn't go with the oral medication because I heard it was expensive. Honestly when you have this many we have to do the long term treatment sometimes before the short more effective treatment. After reading up on the oral meds they made me a bit nervous.
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