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After Spay Behavior

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What is normal?

I know she is in pain still. I am taking her back in today for another shot of pain medecine. Is her growling and hissing at everyone and every other thing normal? When will she be herself again?
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Cats will sometimes behave this way when they're ill and/or in pain. It's good that you're taking her back in - the doctor can have a look at her as well as administer the pain meds. Can he/she give you some pain meds for use at home? Buprenex is a fairly new, effective pain med for cats - you may want to ask about it.

When was your cat spayed? They are usually feeling pretty well by the next day after the surgery, though some take longer than others to come out of the effects of anesthesia.

Hope she's soon feeling better. Please let us know.
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Well this vet is Korean and speaks just enough English to get by. He didn't give me anything for her to take at home. He did give her a pain shot and wants me to bring her back in the day after tomorrow for another pain shot. Then on Monday he will remove her stitches.

I would have gone to the base vet but their waiting list was entirely too long.

She was spayed yesterday and when I first brought her home she was sweet and her usual self with the exception of moving alot. Then a couple hours later she started hissing and growling at everyone. As long as it is normal while she recovers, I don't mind it. I just wanted to make sure this was normal kitty behavior.

She is much calmer since I brought her back from the vet since she had that shot. I just hope she stays calm.
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She just had surgery so of course she is grouchy! I wouldn't pick her up and I would try to keep her from jumping too because that will cause more pain. Every cat that I have every gotten spayed the pain has subsided usually after the second or third day. My vets use stiches that dissolve so I don't have to make a trip back out. But then again I wouldn't take one of my cats to a vet that could barely speak English. I see it as if I don't trust the vet with my life I am certainly not going to trust them with my cats life!!
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I do trust the vet or I would not have taken her there. Period. I also expect her to be grouchy since I know it is surgery but never having had a girl fixed before I wasn't sure what to expect. If you are going to be rude, don't post!
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She may be grouchy because she is sore and is still waking up from surgery. YY wated to cling to me when she came home - came right out of her carrier swaying and whined to be picked up. Since I had taken the day off to be with her (and I helped in the surgery - I am no vet but I do surgery on humans so I wanted to see how spay surgery would go. I got to help putting her stitches which was neat - even tho I have done it a zillion times on human kids and others, <g>)

Did the vet give her antibiotics? I ask because I recently heard of a cat who died after contracting an illness and her vet did not give antibiotics postop - usually for a week to 10 days. Their immune systems are low and they need the protection.

I would ask the vet for more pain meds. I actually gave my cat some pain meds (I do pediatric pain research so I mixed my own concoction based on what the vet told me about cats and their tolerance for narcotics and what human meds are posion to cats). I hated to see her in any pain!! She actually, as it turned out, needed very little and recoperated just fine!

I hope yours does too but I woudl ask for more pain meds and make sure about the antibiotics.
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He is giving her more pain medecine tomorrow morning.

He did give her an antibiotic and he checked her out all over yesterday. Taking her temperature, checking her stitches, her eyes and ears and her mouth. He's very good to her.

She has been back to her normal self since he gave her the shot yesterday. She is only meowing on occassion now and is eating and drinking normally. She is nice to her brothers now too.
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It is tough to see yoour kitty in pain. I am glad she is feeling better. My two are going in to be fixed in 10 days. I am pretty stressed about it so I am glad to hear your little one just took a little time to feel better. Good work going off the base and being a responsible mommy to your baby even when it costs more. I bet ryobius did not note you are in Korea and it is pretty likely the vets would speak the language of the land.
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No I didn't notice that and I was not trying to be rude. I noticed you said the vet barely spoke any English. I just assumed you ment in the states and I wouldn't be comfortable with an American Vet that couldn't even speak English. Obviously if I was in Korea my vet probably wouldn't speak very good English. Also, I wasn't being rude about the cat being grouchy either. I was just stating that of course the kitty is grouchy she just had a major surgery and was probably in alot of pain and it takes a couple days for them to feel better. I'm sorry you felt that way.
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