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Dear Mark, I have been thru it a few times. Even tho it broke your heart, you made Pee Wees short life so wonderful, I dont know the circumstances of how you came to have him, but it always comforts me to know that without your love the little one would have died a sad lonely death. Even tho his life was short, it was a fine happy one. We lost a little foster after 5 months, we were also so attached, but what a wonderful time we had with him. I hope you and your wife wont give up on kittens, you sound like wonderful compassionate people.
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Oh Mark, I'm so sorry. I know you must be hurting . Please know that little Pee Wee isn't suffering any more and he's at peace. You filled his short little life with lots of love and comfort.
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Mark, I'm so sorry for you loss of this little sweetie. Thanks for loving him.
RIP sweet baby.
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Oh poor little guy You did everything you could....

RIP Peewee
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I am so sorry and am sending you hugs and prayers. My kitties sned their love and sympathy.
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Thank You all for the kind words and thoughts. It was a sad day for us both. I have not hurt this much in a long time. I am thankful however for the time I had with the little guy. He really made me think about allot of things in life a little differently. I will continue to come here and share my knowledge of what I learned during this. I think the little fellow died from URI or phenmonia, He was really stopped up and draining at the end. Its amazing what things I have went through in the past ten days with my busy work life, just to insure this little fellow had the best care possible. Thanks again.......

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Poor little PeeWee. May the brave little guy rest in Peace.
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