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I'm new and excited!

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Hi everyone! I have just now found this site and am looking forward to getting to know you all! I have a blue persian named Gizmo who is spoiled rotten! I can't even leave the house without him crying for me! It's bad, but I love him to death. I am also just now getting into ice skating which should explain my screenname. Well, I've already looked around on this site and can't wait to ask some questions and share some stories!

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Welcome. Ask away and don't be shy about jumping in. We are always glad to see a new member. You'll find plenty of good information here. When you 're finished having all your cat questions answered, join us in the Lounge for some good discussion.
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Catskate! Welcome. How about 4 little paw skates for your Gizmo? Picture that one!
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Welcome & enjoy! Your Gizmo sounds like a little angel ! Hope to see you posting.
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Welcome to our growing community of cat lovers! It's a wonderful place, I hope you enjoy yourself here and post often!
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Welcome! Yes, we look forward to (okay, most of us expect) stories and pictures! After all, that's what brought us here in the first place!

Have fun! I'll be looking forward to your posts and pics!

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Welcome CatSkate :rainbow: Pssst..could you teach me to skate?? I agree with Bill...pics! We need pics!! I hope you enjoy it here, this site is the best there is
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Hi CatSkate

It's really nice of you to join us...I find your s/n interesting! How'd you come up with that? Post pics, please, we love pics of our precious kitties.

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Just wanted to pop in and welcome you to the site! Hope you enjoy it here!
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