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Daily Thread 7/19/05

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Well today I have done NOTHING! It is so hot and humid, you can't breathe. The forecasters are going on and on about how it is the worst day of the year. Yea, no kidding.

I did water some of my outdoor plants this morning, dropped my car off for an oil change. My parents came by briefly. Soon, Aaron and I will be leaving to get my car and get a early dinner out somewhere.

Severe Thunderstorms are supposed to roll through later on and we would like to be back before that.

Poor Abby is laying behind the sofa sleeping with all four paws in the air.

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Ewww hot! Yeah it's hot here too but we're getting ready for some rain... looks like we're going to catch some of Emily (just the outer bands, I believe).

As usual, I'm at work... counting down the days til I'm done here! The cats are good: Jordan slept a whole 7 hours before running around and biting us an hour before my alarm was set to go off. *moans* He really wants out of the room and meows his little heart out... causing the other cats to hiss under the door at him.

That's it! Oh and Dead Like Me Season 2 came out on DVD, I was informed, so I gotta find some time to go get it!
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was woken up at 4am by reggie kissing me,a wet nose in the eye mmm nice,he then sat there purring he was so happy,i managed to get back to sleep till 7am,had a busy day doing laundry,we have a communal garden with only 4 wash lines,so u have to get up early to get a line. did a pile of ironing, hubby did the hovvering for me as i dont get on with my hoover too well.then spent the rest of the day reading
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Today I have an interview for my first job!!!
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It's been a bit cooler here today, but not cool enough for a jacket.

Today has been a really long day somehow?!, but i think it's because were winding down for our 2 week holiday which starts next weekend

I had a long chat with a couple of friends on the phone tonight, then had a long bath and now Rosie and Sophie have started to play chase with each other up and down the stairs, and what a noise they make!!

Going to watch Big Brother in 15 minutes
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Well good morning everybody!

It's 9am here and I've been up for about two hours now. Just surfing on TCS.

Not much planned for the day - I'm going to a beach party tonight, hopefully.
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I just got back from the interview and I got the job!!!! I might start working next week cuz he said he'd call me back either tomorrow or thusday!!!!
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Went to the orthopedic specialist today about my ankle. He confirmed that it isn't broken, just a really bad sprain. (He talked to us for all of 5 minutes or less, and I have to wonder just how much I'm paying him for that!) I got one of those oh-so-attractive boots to wear. Oh well, at least I can put a little weight on it now so I'm not hopping on the crutches anymore.

Back to work tomorrow, and trying to figure out how all of that is going to work out! LOL

Oh yeah, and it's flippin' hot here too. High is supposed to be 97, but the car thermometer was saying over 100 when we stopped for groceries. (I got to drive one of those motorized shopping carts since my ankle is all messed up. ) YUK!!
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Its only 81 TODAY!!!!! Hoping for rain tomorrow. Tonite canning some raspberry sauce, rest of the cherries. Prune back the catnip places that are finally done blooming and house stuff as it is cooler. Maybe even a soak in the tub with the new Harry Potter book.
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I think we're all under the same heat wave! GRRR
I woke up this morning to no phones in our house, so SBC had to come out today and fix that. Work was long, but it's been worse!
Now just sitting here waiting for Jerry to get home from work.
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