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help please

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hello all i am totally new to this board and was hoping for some advice?
my beautiful cat "sheba" (a lilac cornish rex) was supposed to go to stud in a couple of months - however while hanging my lil girls nappies on the line (yes - shock horror i use cloth!) she got out last month mid season and i am positive she is expecting (hangs head in shame for being so stupid!). there are 3 "swellings" in her slightly expanded waistline. now i have a hnd in animal care and lots of experience with c sections in cats (from working at a vets) however i do need help in preparing for their arrival? what do i need to do. sheba is getting used to my dog cage - to allow her n kittens privacy and safetly from my toddler, and i have a huge supply of towels and the basic first aid equipment. i also have a bottle of lactol n some syringes just in case. what else do i need to do? what are the signs on labour? as you can imagine the only cats i have seen have been c sections or have done it on their own during the night at college so i missed it!. from dates i expect her to be due around the 29th august! - i know the date isnt set in stone and she will have them when she is ready!. please please help. i was hopefully starting up my own cattery but all this has been put on hold due to this unexpected pregnancy! - the studs owner was going to talk me thru her pedigree birth but i feel to embarrassed to phone her now! i will still be keeping the kittens until 12 weeks and they wil have insurance,vaccinated and an appointment with my vets to be neutered. i will also be asking all prospective owners to sign a contract stating that they will neuter and to return the cat to me should they ever have to find him/her a new home.

i feel so silly!

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Sally....I do hope that Sheba is UTD on all her shots as you do not know the cat she mated with. Also, you can find lots of good information here:


Also, I would definately put off any plans on breeding her again until you ensure that she and her kittens are healthy.

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was that link usefull or r u still not sure of anything im no expert but my cat has had 2 litters one of which all died and one of which r all fine and 9 days old
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