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Good-bye Rusty

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This morning I find myself grieving the loss of cat who showed tremendous courage and a will to survive. Rusty was rescued by our group coordinator in March when she was doing TNR in a local neighborhood. He had suffered head trauma either from being hit by a car or struck when teenagers were throwing bricks at the feral cats. A trip to our vet indicated indicated his chances of survival were good, although he tested positive for feline leukemia. Our coordinator, who has several special needs cats herself, decided to adopt Rusty. Although likely feral, he accepted her care and showed no signs of aggression. He seemed to be on the road to recovery, but developed a severe eye infection, leading to surgery and removal of the eye. In spite of this setback, Rusty continued to grow stronger and was tame enough for our coordinator to introduce him to her three other FeLV postive cats. Just within the past two weeks, Rusty began losing his appetite. The vet discovered a tumor near one of his rear legs and suspected cancer. Rusty continued to grow weaker and it was decided not to subject him to the trauma of further treatment. He was put to sleep yesterday morning. In just a few short months, this beautiful cat touched us deeply. RIP sweet boy. You were loved and will be missed.
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At least this poor kitty's last few months were touched with love and care..

RIP Rusty...
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That is so sad, but your friend did such a wonderful thing by giving him the chance of love and a home, when so many people would give up on an FeLV+ feral. She truly is special.
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AW R.I.P Rusty!
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what a brave boy you are Rusty. Against all odds you fought and you most certainly will be remembered as one truely special boy by those who's hearts you touched.

enjoy those wings little one, and play well. You are now at peace

RIP sweet Angel Rusty
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My thoughts with Rusty...
So sorry Eileen.......RIP...Rusty...
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How precious that he was able to share so much with everyone before he left.
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Thanks for helping all those ferals, and especially Rusty. His last days were those of a pampered pet! Condolences!
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Thank God for caring people.....at least his last months were full of love and caring!
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RIP at the Bridge Rusty Eileen, my thoughts are with you and your rescue group in his passing.
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Poor little baby, he had such a tough life. At least his last few months were full of love. May he Rest in Peace.
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