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The poor squirrel

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This morning there was a sweet little squirrel sitting in the road eating. I was running a little late and was cutting down a neighborhood road. I saw him sitting there and stopped quickly. He started to run to the left side of the road so I proceeded to go forward. All of a sudden he darted back to the right. I slammed on my brakes and I still hit him. I jumped out of the car because I saw he was shaking so I thought he was still alive. Dori's old vet was just right on the corner so I was going to take him. In the time it took to walk back to him he was dead. I have never hit an animal before and I can not believe this has happened. I can't even focus on work right now. My hands are shaking so bad. All I keep thinking is that he was just eating his food and here I come and end his life. This is the worst feeling I can imagine. Everyone has said "it's just a squirrel, there are thousands of them and they run in front of cars all the time". I don't care. That doesn't help. I killed him.

Please say a prayer for the sweet squirrel that he makes it to a better place and knows how terribly sorry I am.
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aww poor squirry
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Poor squirrel... sometimes, these things can't be helped!
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Poor little guy
Remember, it was an accident.
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Yep, sometimes there's just no way of knowing which way they will run. Please don't feel bad, it wasn't your fault. I ran over a possum a few years back...I felt horrible! But he just came out of no where...nothing I could do. Same as with you. He's in squirrel heaven with all of his buddies now!
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Deep down I know it wasn't my fault. But it is just the worst feeling to know that I ended his life. We have tons of squirrels around here and I can not even count how many times I have had to slam on my brakes to avoid one. I know to expect them in the road, and especially in a neighborhood. I guess I keep thinking if I would have stayed at a complete stop until he was completely out of the road he would have lived. But I started driving as soon as he appeared to be running the other way. I guess he just changed his mind.
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Which they always do! They're fast little buggers so you never can tell which way they'll dart. I myself have done the same thing thinking I hit one only to him jetting the total opposite way. It totally wasn't your fault...just an unavoidable accident. Don't feel bad - he's playing where he's at!
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Please don't blame yourself. This could happen to anyone. RIP little guy.
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I try to swerve around them-but you never know which was they are going. I ran over a big rabbit once on my way home from work. Too late for that bunny.
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Poor thing, it really is hard to tell where they're going to run. At least he died fast, and didn't have to suffer.
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Aw poor little guy. Don't beat yourself up over it, you did all you could do, which is more than most... and it wasn't your fault!
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I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. I felt bad but there was nothing I could do to prevent the squirrel from darting whereever he chose to go. I know it may sound heartless, but remember "It's survival of the fittest (Darwin)".
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I would feel very guilty if I had killed a squirrel, too. If anything, take comfort in the fact that you not only said a prayer for him/her but you also requested that we do the same. You put more thought and concern into this squirrel's death than many people would. You have a generous loving heart and that's beautiful.

I'll say a prayer for your squirrel
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Don't worry about it sweetie, these things happen!

I had an almost identical squirrel situation a few years ago: I saw him in the road and stopped, and missed him, and he ran past my car, only to turn around and run BACK at my car and run right into my right front hubcap, and then get run over by the car behind me. As cute as they are, their little brains just aren't that good at dealing with cars and complex decision making! LOL!

Hey, at least it wasn't a deer! My husband once had a deer run out of nowhere and slam into the passenger side of his car head first! That was a surprise, to say the least!

Mister Squirrel is with all his squirrel relatives and friends at the squirrel RB, having a feast of nuts and berries as we speak.
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How awful for you! I've come SO close, SO many times! If I had a buck for every near miss, I could retire now. I've been spared the hit thus far, though, but that's just luck, 'cuz it's a total cr*p shoot whether they'll keep going the way you think they're going or not.

Be gentle with yourself. You did everything in a human's power, and you cared enough to feel bad, and ask for prayers.
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Aww Tanya.

R.I.P Mr. Squirrel!
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