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Doing what you always dreamed of...

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How many of you are doing the job that you thought you wanted to do when you were a kid?

I know a couple of people (my brother - a lawyer, and my cousin - a primary school teacher) who are doing that, but I also know a lot of people who are in jobs they never dreamed of.

I wanted to a be a doctor my whole life and only now, in my 30s, am I finally realising that dream.

Are you happy doing what you are doing or would you rather be doing something else entirely?
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I want to be a reasearcher ... I am a long way from that dream but I may opt to go toward animal research rather than drug...
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I wanted to be a teacher, and did that. I only lasted 1 1/2 years. I hated it, I wasn't good at it, I was completely miserable and wasn't effective for the students. So now I'm an Admin. Assistant because what else can you do with a degree in Language Arts, a.k.a. English? Not much, especially on short notice (when I needed to start bringing in money ASAP).

So, no, I hadn't ever planned on this direction in my life, but when my childhood dream blew up in my face this is where I landed. I'm content with where I am.
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My mother always told me that when I was about the age of 6-7, I told her I wanted to be a nurse when I grow up..And now after being a nurse at the bedside for 23 years, I can't see myself anywhere else..So, when I REALLY grow up, I want to open my own animal rescue facility...that's my dream now..
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Well, I never really figured out what I wanted to do as a kid.
I love doing what I do now, but that was only possible due to my stepdad.
I wish I got paid more though
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I always wanted to fly when I was a kid. Ever since I can remember I loved anything that flew, and wanted to fly myself.

About 2 years ago I finally started working on my dream and started taking lessons. I ended up flying a good amount, and flew solo a few times. When I climbed into the pilot's seat and closed the door, started the engine, and taxxied to the runway it hit me.. Here I am, sitting at the end of a long runway with my feet on the brakes, and I just got clearance to take off... And I am the ONLY person on this plane!!! Jammed the throttle, and a few seconds later that was it. I was flying by myself. That was one of the craziest feelings I ever had in the world. I can't even describe it

Even though it's not my job, (I hate my job ) it's a HUGE dream and a HUGE accomplishment for me.
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I planned to be a pediatrician when I was 10 or so and I am now doing just that. I had not planned on pediatric oncology though and doing research and teaching at a medical school but those are all part of my job. I love all of it, most of the time anyway.

I had to add I do hope to write a mystery novel one of these days!!
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Well..I'm 17..and my mom has always told me "Chase after your dreams" and well..I always wanted to work with animals...and right now...I'm volunteering at the humane society..so..does that count? lol
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Well I was always interested in art and loved art class but in high school, people kept telling me there was no money in it so I went to college for Public Relations/Communications instead. I got a job in PR and quit after 4 days. Hated it. So I came here as a PR Assistant and then went back to school for graphic design. I started doing more and more design here until they made it a position! So yes, I am doing my dream job!
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Well let's see...my very first dream job was as Miss America/a supermodel , so no...I'm not doing what I dreamed I'd be doing. Seriously though, most of my life I wanted to be in television broadcasting, began majoring in it at UCF (which really has a great Radio/TV program) and decided I hated it and didn't like the kind of personalities many of the other students in the program had. So instead I majored in psychology, which was something I always had a personal interest in, and I've loved nearly every psych class I have taken. My grad school applications are in now so hopefully I'll be a Mental Health Counselor in a couple of years, working on my PhD in Counselor Education. Not quite what I dreamed, it's probably even better.
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I always dreamed of being a veterinarian but life took me in another path.

My dream job now would be to have my own home-based business.
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I do not like what I am doing and glad I only have 52 days left!!!!!
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