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Kitten Won't Eat

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I'm taking him back to the vet tomorrow, but I am just really worried about him Toby is my 10 week old kitten, and he's always been a little guy but my new shelter kitten is 2 weeks older than he is yet probably weighs twice as much, and my other kitten is 2 weeks younger and is as big as he is. He has not been eating well the last few weeks, I took him in to the vet last week and he got put on Albon. That helped, but after the last dose, the next day he was back to not eating and being lethargic. And now he won't eat AT ALL. Before he was on the antibiotics he was eating very little but would eat the Hill's Prescription food, but now he won't touch it. He won't touch the canned food, he won't touch tuna, he won't touch hamburger-- zilp, zitch, nothing. What could cause this??? He was tested for the feline leukemia and FIV and those are negative. He's had some diarrhea throughout but other than that, not eating, and sleeping a lot, there aren't any other symptoms. And today he follows me everywhere which is not his usual MO, he even has been up on my lap and up under my shirt a few times.
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well, u must force feed him if he is not eating or not eating enough. Dont feed him dry food. if it is a digestive problem, dry wont help. try some tuna in water, a little wont hurt.
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how much do i need to force him to eat? i have a syringe in cc's, and got him to eat maybe 1/4 of a can of the hill's canned prescription i/d. i don't know that i should give him an amount larger than that at a time, especially since he hasn't been eating.
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when my kids wont eat the vet gives me a/d it works everytime
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Your vet tomorrow can tell you how many cc's (if pureed food) or ozs. he wants in this kitten on a daily basis. For tonight, how much does the can of I/D say a kitten his weight or age should have? Try to get towards that suggested amount. Please keep us updated. I hope he begins to feel better soon.
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My kitten was also having trouble eating and we found that she had roundworm from being in the shelter. I tried everything I could think of tho get her to eat after we had treated her for the roundworm at the Vet. I also was given the Hill's prescription food and it seems to work like a charm! I'm not sure why your kitten is having trouble but the loss in appetite coule be something that he picked up from the new shelter kitten. i hope that you find out the cause when you are at the Vet!! I know how you feel, I was super worried about my kitten too since she was underweight from the start.
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The shelter kitten got a clean bill of health from the vet, so I don't think it's that. Plus he has been sick for a few weeks now, the only time he improved was during the six days on antibiotics. I am pretty baffled. In the middle of the night he threw up probably everything that I had gotten him to eat, so something pretty bad is going on. Maybe he just needs a stronger antibiotic, I hope... I will post later when I find out more.
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