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are kittens eating enough????

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as u can tell from all my other posts i am new to all of this...i have had kittens/cats in the past but never a new litter.......i have noticed when the kittens are standing , from a side view i see a pouch in their lower abdomen area...its like a bubble....its not solid...its more like really soft....skin hanging....its not wrinkled but its also not solid full...this is soo hard to explain...can ya tell? lol...kinda like most mothers get right after having a baby....some of us are lucky and dont get that but anyhow...im just wondering if that is normal? are they not eating enough???
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I'm new to kittens too, and from what I've read, when a kitten is full, they look like they've got a golf ball in their belly. Now, I have four kittens, and this varies among them. Two of them, after feeding, do look like they've got golf balls in their bellies, and they are taut and hard to the touch.

The other two never seem to get taut and hard; they get fuller, but never what seems completely full to me. One of them has a problem finding and keeping on a nipple, so what I do is take the two that never seem to have enough and create "dedicated feeding times" to them, after the two hogs are finished. :-) I put them on the mom cat and lead them to the nipples and keep the other two away. This results in them getting a bit rounder in the belly, and I think they appreciate the time to eat with no competition.

So, maybe that can work for you, and the kittens will have more food to fill their bellies. I guess you could break it up into two kittens at a time. Also, you could try your hand at supplemental feeding with KMR (I have not yet succeeded in this myself, it's hard, and they prefer the mom's nipples).

I think the time to really worry is if they are wrinkled in the belly...but it can't hurt to make sure they are fed until they fall off the nipple of their own accord.
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yes i agree...the only problem i face is that i work so i guess when i get home i will be making sure they are all getting the food they need....two of them as well are the "hogs" lol so i understand and i too have not yet succeeded with the bottle feedings....i think since its time to socialize them with pple i will take the bigger two and spend some time off to the side while momma feeds the two smaller ones..and so on...ill keep ya all posted
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my 7 months old kitten is alsao having the hanging loose skin on the stomache area.. wonder if this is normal or a sign that the kitten is eaten too much?
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I don't really understand what you are talking about. Pictures?
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the skin on their lower tummies kinda droops down and is not solid...when they are standing that is...and when u place your fingertip it feels like it is loose skin....but i did end up taking them to the vet yesterday for several qs i had and when weighed they told me that they are at purrrrrrrfect weight for their age and besides a few problems we are clearing up with a cpl medications they are healthy
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