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Cat Trees

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Just wondering if anyone has tried building their own cat tree or cat furniture... I've seen plans to build several different models online and am thinking about building my own so I can save money and customize it to the space I have available in my apartment... let me know if you've had experiences building your own and whether it's a good idea or not... thanks!
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It's a fine idea if you have the time, tools and patience. It can be done.
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My husband builds cat trees for all of my cats and for my friends. I will post a picture soon. The average cost for making a tree is $50.00. Similar trees in the store run for over $500.00. They are really simple to make, and worth the time and effort. You really feel great pride to see your babies lounging on something you made.
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Depends on how fancy you want to get :

Seriously, it's a very doable project, especially if you go with something fairly simple that uses 2x4's or 4x4's for the uprights and a mostly rectangular or squarish design. I just have to shake my head at the prices the petshops want for cat trees/condos, it's really ridiculous.

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Thanks! I absolutely love your picture! Oliver would go crazy on that tree! I will definitely make one before I go buying one, but it might be awhile until I actually am able to get to it! I'd love to see any more pictures of people's homemade trees for ideas... I'd like to make something unique!
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Good luck making your own!
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