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Blackie is sneezing. He's sneezed about 5 times in the last hour, which maybe isn't much but he never sneezes. It's a dry kind of sneeze like a dust sneeze, not a wet sneeze like an allergy sneeze. He did go out in the rain quite late last night. I try to keep him in at night because, well, he's black so he's invisible after dark, but sometimes he runs out if we open the door. But he was back in 10 minutes, just needed a cigarette or something I guess. (No, he doesn't smoke, but you know how smokers are.) So I am planning to keep him in for the next few days to keep an eye on him. Is there anything else I should be looking for, besides discharge?
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Perhaps I know nothing of what I speak, :LOL:... having had a cat with 3 infections at once, one included sneezing.

I would watch for any change in patterns, eating drinking, sleeping.

Mine had lethargy. There were about 3 days when she was non-stop sneezing, and she was so lethargic she was a lump. I could hear her difficulty breathing when she was asleep....very mucousy or nasal.

I would suggest if it does not clear up in a day or two, ask a Vet.

Sorry, I am still a new cat owner.....it was 4 months last Dec. 28!!!

Sometimes Dani will sneeze for no reason other than humans sneeze, perhaps an allergy or just a tickle.

:LOL: Poor little thing, today I was playing with her, she was chasing a light. Well...she doubled back and turned to run in the opposite direction and BLAM! hit her head SMACK into the coffee table leg! I cringed.....
She went off and sneezed 3 times. Then she was fine. Go figure....
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I have two cats that are chronic sneezers. Mollie Rose is 8 and has been diagnosed with asthma. She sneezes 10 times in a row. The vet gave me prenisone to give her when she has an asthma attack. My other cat Faberge also is a sneezer. They have both been on Doxicycline for over a month now. There has been no change in Mollie and Faberge is getting better. My vet said that he has never seen such an outbreak of sneezing in his entire career and contributes it to the weird weather we've had and the dry air in my apartment. He said that their lungs are clear so it's not a URI. I have tried everything from medicines to having my carpets professionally steam cleaned. I finally went out and bought cool air humidifier which has helped a little. I am also giving my cats Grapefruit Seed Extract which has cut down the sneezing substantially. It isn't contagious because none of my other cats have it (I have 4 other cats).

Just keep an eye out for any kind of green discharge from his nose or if he stops eating and drinking. The discharge is an indication of a sinus infection. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Donna, the dryness could definately be a factor. I sneeze when my nasal passages get too dry....why not a cat? This dry heat is awful for them.

I think we need to send all our kitties down to Florida for the winter! :LOL: :LOL:
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So maybe it's just that the weather has been rather colder than usual this week so we've turned the heat from 72F to 75F. The house doesn't feel any warmer, but the air blowing out is probably a little hotter.

But I'm planning to keep an eye on it, and he'll be okay until Monday if nothing changes. (Weekend emergency vet visits on a Sunday are incredibly costly around here, tho' I'm glad the clinic is available 24/7 if I need it.)

How long can I let him sneeze before seeing a vet, assuming there are no other symptoms? I won't have money for it before the 15th.
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I wouldn't wait. It could be an URI. If you wait it could turn into pneumonia. My cats sneezing is not a URI. Their lungs are clear. The vet said that in Fabby's case it's in her sinuses. I'm taking her back next week to be re-checked. They may have to do an x-ray to see if there's a polyp or something causing the bacteria. We'll have to see.

I would definitely take Blackie in just to be on the safe side. How are his eating, drinking and pooping habits?
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Eating and bathroom seem the same as ever.

He keeps running out every time we open the door, and getting him back in is quite a challenge!

But he has become quite grumpy the last hour or so. He is growling (GROWLING!) at Sparky and Sparky isn't doing anything, just sitting. So probably tomorrow I shall have to bring him in somewhere, it's just a money problem. {sigh} Poor thing must really feel rotten to be so grumpy to Sparks.
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How did Blackie make out at the vet?
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Actually, I didn't take him.

(ducks to avoid the boo's and rotten fruit now hurled at her)

He only sneezed once or twice yesterday and not at all today, plus his mood is back to normal. He still needs to be seen - his shots are due now too - but I think he is feeling much better and no mucous or difficulty breathing. So I'm hoping to wait until it isn't a choice between paying the vet or buying groceries.
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