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Premie not acting so well HELP!!!!! (PeeWee)

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Well I noticed this early morning when feeding PeeWee was not as active as usual. The wife took him to the vet soon as they opened and the vet said he looked fine,(also he became more active again) and we were doing everything correctly. Well this afternoon he is very lifeless again, if he rolls on his back he cannot even turn over hardly. I am afraid and worried sick that the little fellow is going to the worse. Is this normal that they can be very lifeless at times? He is feeding fine and still pitches a hissy when I make him pottie but just does not seem to have the normal energy. I was concerned about him being a little plump in the belly but the vet said he looked normal for a kitten this age and that most looked like they had swallowed a golf ball..... Please tell me if I should be doing anything different or should be worried to death.

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Sigh. I know nearly nothing about preemie kittens. I do know that my kittens, after birth, did only two things: Eat, and sleep. When they ate, they ate with gusto (mostly, not the runt), and when they slept, it was the sleep of the dead. Even now, at over two weeks, they sleep and are so groggy that they seem lifeless. I nudge them occasionally to make sure they're okay. Remember, even though your kitten is 8 days old, it's really not (since it's preemie) even able to be judged by a regular 8 day marker of behaviour.

But then, you know your kitty, and would be in the best position to say whether it's acting "normally" or not. A well fed kitten does look like it swallowed a golf ball, though. ;-D

I think you're doing all that you can do, and you seem to be right on the spot to take him to the vet if and when you feel something's wrong. At this very, very young age, all you can do is feed him, keep him warm and watch him closely. I wish you the best of luck.
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www.kitten-rescue.com has a section on preemies you might want to read. They are not fully developed yet so they do not have normal responses like full term kittens do, some are missing hair, or have other problems that can sort out as they grow.
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Well he has been so lively until today... I mean the little booger was a handful just to hold always suckling. Now today he is just eating and almost lifeless. I tell you I have just got to attached after the past 9 days. I really cannot handle losing the small miracle. I hope its just a stage he is going through, I am having the wife to stop and get some pedialite to mix with the formula to make sure he is not getting dehydrated. I know you gals are probably getting a kick out a man getting this attached to a animal. But ya know we all are not heartless. Thanks for the kind words and please pray for my little miracle, I am afraid he is going to need all he can get.

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Could it be warm weather making him seem lifeless?

My kitties are much older, 10 weeks and not premies but today and yesterday it was quite warm and they were far less active.

Hope your little one makes it, he's a cutie.
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oh i do hope this is nothing negative....i am praying he pulls through and grows up and gets to experience everything he deserves to....i will keep hoping and praying all goes well....keep us posted!!!
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