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Brushing Teeth

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Has anyone been able to successfully brush a cat's teeth on a regular basis? Please share your tips/techniques!
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Hi Krissie,

My Vet gave me a greenish blue gel to squirt in her mouth once a day. Supposed to help keep tartar and plaque down and the like. My cat would NEVER accept a brushing....she is too much of a little princess! :LOL: :LOL:
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Val- does this take place of the brushing? How does she like it? Please let me know. We have been interested in a brushing alternative.
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I don't believe it is as good as a good brushing, nothing could replace that. But for difficult pets, like mine, it si better than nothing.

She tolerates it okay. It is supposed to be tastless, and I keep it in the refrig, so I don't think she is happy about that, but seh only fights me mildly, not enough from keeping me from just sqirting it in once a day. I sqirt it in the side of her mouth as the Vet instructed.

I will have to ask the Vet at some point in the future how her teeth look. If they look crappy, then the stuff didn't work.....

That is all I know.
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you also might want to check into feeding Science Diet Oral Care. My Moms Piper hates to have her teeth brushed, so it's always a struggle. So what we miss when we have a rough day with brushing the food acts as a back-up (NOT A REPLACEMENT) - and she loves it!
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