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What is the longest....

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That you've ever been without a cat? For me, was about three years, from May of 1990 until April of 1993....When I married and moved into the trailer park that we started out in, we couldn't have cats (had hamsters though, lol). But just about the time we got ready to move, my landlady rescued one and asked me if I wanted her........that's how we got Miss Kitty!
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The first 22 years of my life. :o) I didn't get Baylee til I was about 22 and a half... it was rough, let me tell ya!
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I was without a cat for about 5 years back in my 20's. I became so allergic to them that I couldn't even look at one without getting symptoms. One day I decided to pet a friends long haired kitty and nothing...not even so much as a sneeze. I immediately went out and adopted Hannah and have had cats ever since with no problems, well major ones anyway.
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2 1/2 years! been the longest ever!
no other animal can replace a cat
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When I first got married and left home. I lasted about 6months.
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The first 6 years of my life, lol. After that, about 2 months
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I had to go without my baby for 5 months...i had it out with my apartment manager b/c someone broke into my apt twice....and i didnt pay my pet deposit so she stayed with my mom until i moved which was 2 months away so i wouldnt get in trouble...so when i moved i had to come up with 300.00 cash for my deposit so i saved for another 3 months and finally got her back. I didnt realize how lonely i'd be without her until she wasnt there...i had no one to talk to!!!!!!!
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i used to have a big long haired cat called bandit,when my ex husband moved in the cat moved out (should of read the signs) was with him and catless for 20 years,and when i met charlie he had barnaby and darkstar (he was a lovely black long haired) wouldnt sit on your lap always by the side of you??glad charlies a cat man
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Not even a day!
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3 weeks...in 1992 between KittyGirl (RB 4/9/92) and the arrival of SiSi and her 1 week old kitten, Sasha, behind the lawnmover in the garage.
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
Not even a day!
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I didn't have a cat from 1990 - 2001. Me and mom moved from our house into a trailer and couldn't have cats. In 1997 when I graduated and moved out the apartment I moved into couldn't have animals. When me and BF moved in here I asked if we could have pets and landlord said YUP!! Got kitty in 2001 and wasn't even looking for her - she found me and I saved her... We love eachother!!!!!!!
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20 years until i got mav but i used to 'share' my grans.
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
Not even a day!
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8 years because that thing I used to be married to was a dyed in the wool cat hater, he would have killed any cat I'd brought home.
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I had to work out if it was longer between Shado's passing and the acquisition of Annie, or Melichus' passing and our brand new fur-kids. I'm pretty sure it's the 20 months between Melichus (RB 10/31/03) and Narsil and Mithril who came home on 5/29/05.

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The first 30 years and 3 months of my life, until Chinook came into it. She was with me for 5 days and died in my arms on 30 March 1978. I wasn't quite ready in July, but couldn't say no. Shasta arrived on 28 July and I have not been kitty-less since then.
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4 years. I was 4 when we got our first kitty and had a 4 year break between moving out of my parents and when hubby and I got our first kitty.
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I believe it was one year. Our family cat passed away when I was a senior in high school, I went my freshman year of college without one (can't quite keep one in the dorms hehe) and then got Waffle that summer!
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
Not even a day!

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I went for a year and a half without a cat in my home, it was a really small bachelor apartment and I didn't want to have a kitty in such a small space.
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May 1997 to April 2004 - one should never choose between their cats and their love - if you're forced, stick w/the furries!!!!!!!!
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I got Limerick in August, So 22 years. We had a dog for 10 years before that and a rabbit 5 years before the dog.
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I think only the first 5 or 6 years of my life. After that I had a cat all the time - usually overlapping.

My first kitty ever was a beautiful white stray we took in and we called her Tinkerbell. She was divine. One night we got home (I was only about 5) and she was lying stretched out in the moonlight in the front patio. She looked so peaceful and lovely. She had died and the only thing that Mum could say to console me was that we had taken her in and looked after her and that she was happy in the last weeks of her life. I was devastated!!
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1 year and 11 months. That was from the time I married till we got Mooch and Noodles at the end of April. Well I guess we didn't get Tinsel till I was 2 but I don't remember that.
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I grew up with dogs (and a Dad) that didn't like cats at all so I didn't have a cat until I was almost 21. Then one day I found this tiny little black kitten that was terrified of people hiding between the fence and the side of the spa (it was an area the dogs weren't allowed). I worked on making friends with her for a month of sitting outside in over 100 degree heat bribing her to come out with lunchmeat. I finally made friends with her but then a neighbor hurt her so bad we had to put her sleep because the vet said they could try to treat her injuries but it would be close to $5,000 and she would be in constant pain and never be able to live a normal life. So after that my Dad swore I couldn't have another pet until I moved out. Well about 3-4 month later I went to PetsMart to pick up dog food and seen Princess and fell in love immediately. I called my Dad and begged (actually it didn't take much more than please) so I came home with alot more than just dog food. The funny thing is that when I moved out less than a year later "Mr I don't like cats" would come to visit and the first words out of his mouth were "Where's Princess?" He didn't even say hi to me first.
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I got my first cat 16 months ago, so I went 25 years without one...now I have 7!!
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That's so sad about that poor little kitten - and you must have become so attached to it, too. You must have felt highly homicidal towards your neighbour - were they ever charged or punished for what they did?

My Dad is like your Dad - he won't go near animals or call them by their names, it's always `cat' or `dog' - but when he doesn't think anyone's looking he is always giving them little treats or a pat or something... What a dag.
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8 years. I moved from home to Ohio to go to graduate school in 1993, and didn't have a cat until Ivo showed up in the basement of my building and fell asleep in my hands in 2001.
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2 or 3 years, two separate times. Once when I moved away from my parents and had a no-pets apartment. They kept my dog for me, but she came to visit sometimes! Then again when dh and I met, we got a dog but the cat we adopted hated us and ran off! (It was an adopted barn cat, who seemed friendly at first, but did not like living inside. Finally he snuck out and headed for the hills!

Now I have had cats for the past 8-9 years.
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