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Water Question

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I moved Meish's food and water dishes up onto the dryer (I want to keep them off the floor cause of bugs and we had to spray). I've seen her eat her food up there but not drink anything. I'm putting the ice in it like she likes and the filtered water but she didn't touch it. That's normally the first thing she does in the morning when I change it.

Will she drink when she is ready or should I move the food and water back onto the floor?
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I think she might drink when she's ready - I know a friend moved her cat's food bowls and the cat protested and didn't touch them for a few days. You might try feeding her more wet food to make sure she gets some water in her, or maybe add another water bowl for her to drink out of while she gets used to the transition?
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She won't touch wet food. (Weirdo)

I do have two water bowls out for her but they are both on the dryer... I don't want her to just drink from the one on the floor.

I did put one on the floor for a little and she didn't drink it then either. Maybe she is just not thirsty...?
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Anytime you change a routine on a cat there is reaction on their part. She could be confused as to why her food and water has been moved. Have you thought about getting a pet fountain?
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Aww poor Meish, we have never had any problems with transition of bowls and trays. Is there anywhere else you can put the bowls? Maybe she has heard the washing machine and is scared of it or something?
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
She won't touch wet food. (Weirdo)
My Oliver won't touch wet food either, so you're not alone! My vet tried to pill him once by giving it to him in wet food and he just turned up his nose and walked away!

Good luck with the bowl situation... she may just be confused since her routine has been upset - I just switched Ollie's litter box to a hooded one and the first night, he held everything in until I got up in the morning! (Man was it stinky!) I didn't even change the location - just the actual box! Now he's fine with it
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I've given up for now. I put her water and food back on the floor. I'm saving up for a cat it waterfountain. Maybe a big change like that (and something kinda fun for her) she'd adjust better to than moving the bowl 3 feet up.
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