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Daily Thread 7/18/05...

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So this thread died over the weekend but maybe we can start it up again?

I'm stuck at work, as usual... word about my resignation sure traveled fast as someone I work with is going to take my position. Good luck to her!

I got a phone call from the principal of the school I'm going to be working at... a bunch of us are meeting Wednesday morning to learn about the positions available (2 pre-k and 2 first, I think) and then she will decide, based on our personalities, who will go in what grade. I have a bad feeling that it'll make me late to work... I wonder if it's bad to take a half day within the last 2 weeks of your employment...

Jordan's fine... meowing up a storm and begging to be let out. He's an angel most of the time - sleeping on my chest, my back, my arm... lol! But then the other half of the time he's a real biter and it hurts! I'm losing my mind... we keep shoving socks and soft toys for him to chew on instead but he finds my hands, arms and cheek tastier...

That's it! Anyone else?
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Let's see.... I had to go where I used to work to train someone. I was there for almost 3 hours. I've been gone over a year, but I have to keep going back. I thought I would be done soon, but it doesn't look like it! At least they are paying me well to do it!

Came home, put some laundry in. Husband called to update me on some problems he is having at work. My friend Mary stopped by for about 10 minutes.

The room I am in looked pretty bad. I had been sorting old bills, receipts, paperwork over the weekend. I cleaned it up and got everything filed.

While I am on here, I am printing out pictures from our trip to Ireland.

In a little bit, I am going to hit the exercise bike, then start making dinner.

Boring! - but believe me, sometimes I will take that over crazy!

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today i slept in late, lazed around cleaned up the mess in the kitchen (now its a mess again as bf just made dinner)
did one load of washing. i should do my homework though
i hate being so lazy
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Having my usual fun time at work. Watered plants before work. Read on NOAA's website we are in moderate drought state. Just great. Picking up the new Harry Potter book tonite. Then picking a niece's bridal shower present. I got stuck into doing the buying. Have to pick raspberries yet tonite and hopefully try to hold off watering until tomorrow am. Same ole routine for me!!
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Been waiting around for the delivery people to drop off my sofa from being fixed. They were supposed to be here at 11 am and just came at 3. A little off?? Yeah.

Other than that I've been having fun with the spotlight thread and doing photo assignments.


Redoing all my recipes on the computer and printing them to be put in my new recipe book
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took the dog for run on hampstead heath,came back had lunch,sorted out a pile of ironing (doing that tomomorrow) cleared up/washed up.watched tv then read a book.a quiet day really.mogs been pretty well behaved today spent most of the day asleep on my bed.weather cooled down even had some rain tonight,will be about 16c tonight,so will sleep nicely for a change and its about 9-30 pm now
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