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Bakker won't come to me when I call him

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You should have seen me on Saturday morning.
I thought nice day do some yardwork in the am, the grocery shop and watcha a movie in the afternoon until Neil comes home.
Well that didn't happen!!!
I was outside moving a sprinkler when I saw Neil in the truck driving off to class about 8:45. I asked him where Bakker was and he said in one of the flower beds in front of the house.
As most of you know I said when I got him he would be an inside kitty.
Neil of course thinks he should be able to go outside. I relented (BIG MISTAKE!!) and said if he is out-you have to keep you eye on him. Most of the time its ok.
THis time it wasn't.
I walked up to the house and called him. No Bakker. Checked his usual spot behind the house. No Bakker.
Well I'll give it a few minutes he will see me in the veg garden weeding.
No Bakker. I started to pick the cherries and was calling his name.
No Bakker, took the food container shaking it walking around the yard.
Guess what no Bakker.
I panicked BIGTIME!!!!!!!!!
Last July-Had to put Tommie down due to FELV
The year before the nasty neighbor shot one of the cats (she died)
Then the Sheba incident.
So I took a 5 second shower changed and drove to botantical garden where Neil had his class found him and said Bakker was missing.
He said calm down. I said you know he doesn't come when I call him but comes to Neil.
Most likely because when I call Bakker-I end up putting him in the house.
I said come home and find him (this was 11:30 am)
He said go home and call again and he would call in a half hour.
I drove home (lucky I didn't get busted for speeding)
Called and called, used a broom handle to poke under trees.
Neil called and said he was coming home.
He pulled in the driveway while I was walking from behind the house.
He called Bakker's name and voila...........there he was-coming out of my shade bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neil was home like 45 seconds and he came (it was 12:39)
I was happy and furious that Bakker was observing me running around like a maniac looking for him. I GROUNDED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! And made myself a big mixed drink to calm me down. Bakker was all lovey in the house of course.

Thats the story-other than keeping him inside (that's not going to happen),
have Neil always call him......
Should I call him when he is outside with me and give him treats (before I put him in house???)
Its funny Neil can call him and then he puts in house and he still comes??
Inside the house-its not a problem-he will come it just outside!!!

Plus he didn't have his collar with the bell on-OMG!!! Maybe I would have heard him (look at that silly human-what fun I'm having!!)

So any similar stories??
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All my cats are indoor only, but I still call for them from other rooms.

Mister comes about 70% of the time, other than that it's a kittytude meow in response.

Missy has much less attitude than her spoilt 'husband' and comes 90% of the time. She runs in saying brrr brrr and rubbing on me.

10 week old babies don't seem to know their names yet but will come if the pitch of voice is right

In my short experience though, a cat will do what it wants when it wants lol
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At least he was found.
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Thank goodness you found him!
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Well we know know his "spot" in my shade bed sitting/laying under hosta plants (they are pretty big and you really have to look. He was their last night while we were picking raspberries.
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