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Don't worry Gilly I have a love of food too that not many people understand!

Now back to that last thing you ate thread...
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Originally Posted by yoviher
Because "Only in Britain and America" will someone order a three piece meal of KFC, french fries, and a DIET coke!

Nope, Aussies do it too

i'm making a pizza for dinner, from scratch as usual, it is sooooo nice, i'm starving lol

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Last night was grilled steak (chicken for me!) and veggies and Jersey corn. YUM!
Tonight I think it might be taco salads and Coronas!

Um, can I tell you how much weight I've gained this summer? ARG!
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tonight is all you can eat wings at the lube with some of my buddies! going to try and gun for my record of 76 wings. i think i can down probably about 90 or so.
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Leftover potato salad. I've got a couple of very pretty smoked pork chops in the fridge, to go on the BBQ, that should go well with it and some greens.
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Chicken and Biscuits
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I will think of something on my drive home.
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Tonight we're having Omaha Steaks filets, baked sweet potatoes and green beans.

Last night we had a quick "stir fry" of sorts: cubes of chicken breast, zucchini, onions, garlic and curry powder cooked in a bit of olive oil, over some whole wheat couscous, and we each had a half a small avocado with some dressing.
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