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well because I'm bored I decided to...

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start a thread asking for you to share your most embarassing moments...only if you're not too embarassed to do so

Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine
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Hm... I wouldnt know what my most embarrasing moment would be... but my most recent one was when I went to mexico I bought this necklace for 80 pesos, and I had tons of change but only a 200 peso bill, so the guys selling the stuff had to reach in their pockets and extract all the change they could get to give me change back, adn I, being an idiot, didnt realize that you know... i could have given 80 pesos in change easily. I felt like a moron after that. Hm.. maybe the one time my mom and I were in Payless Shoe store and she proceeded to tell this red headed lady who had kids, the girl at the cash register, and about five other people who were there about when I was five and had to go into the doctors for a booster shot (and they give em to you in the bum) and she told everyone how she had said "dont fart on the nurse" and omg it was embarrasing. I went out into the car and didnt speak to my mom for three days. She told me to "get over it" but whenever my GRANDMA tries to tell my stories about HER she just changes the subject. OOOh I need a tape recorder so I can get some dirt on my mom.

One time a guy that I liked and I, when we were twelve, we were playing on the school playground during recess, I was pretending to kick him and he would dodge away, he was trying to jump on my back.... and I accidentally kicked him in his groin. Yeah. The worst thing was that my "friends" who I sat with at lunch came outside then, and we all had this like rivalry against that guy and his group of friends, so I was like "I kicked him in the nuts" but they ignored me and walked by all snobby like, because it was like christmas and they had exchanged gifts, they were all walking in a straight line swinging their bags. Yeah. And then it was too late to apologize to the guy so I felt like an idiot. He didnt talk to me that much after that. O_O

But uh... I havent had a really emberassing moment... not like BigKittenDaddy when his pants fell down anyways. (learned that from his TCS spotlight thing)

Oh, my swimsuit strap fell off once when I was at a water park when I was like... nine. My chest showed and the lifeguard lady there giggled at me. She was only like... 16 though. Not really embarassing.

I insisted on wearing jean shorts when I went down so I didnt go all that fast, and this kid that came behind me was like RIGHT behind me when I finally got down. Eh.

Woo emberassing enough for you? I guess not really embarrasing since I can type this without feeling like a total moron.
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Mine would have to be walking into a shop dummy and apologising to it...!!!

Quite a large number of ppl were standing around and witnessed my dumbness (no pun intended)... Needless to say, there were quite a few chuckles at my expense but I wished the ground would open up there and then!
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haha! Now that is funny Gilly ^_^
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Well I had an incident happen in school one time. There was this guy I liked and my best friend was the only one who know who my "Secret crush" is. Well anyway I was standing in the lunchroom with my best friend and we were talking. Next thing I know I look across the lunchroom and see my crush..and well..I couldn't help but stare. Anyway my friend's boyfriend came up and I just kinda looked away from my thing I friend's boyfriend says "I know who your crush's Jason.." and I was like "uhm..don't tell anyway please!!" Well anyway we all start heading for class..when next thing I know..I hear my friend's boyfriend shouting.."HEY JASON!!"...I start pants DROP..and then I DROP..face first into the floor.....
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I went to a public restroom and i layed toilet paper down so i could sit....walked out and didnt realize the paper got caught in my panties...pulled my jeans up and i walked around with about 14 inches of toilet paper hanging from my jeans......then someone came up to me and told me.....yea talk about being MORTIFIED!
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Last month, in sicily we were at the beach we met some american kids and played with them and my tit fell out of my bikini and they saw my nipple!
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My cousin Laura's big Greek wedding. I was pretty young, maybe 12, & went to the bathroom. I was a tomboy & not used to wearing skirts. I had returned from the bathroom, crossed the reception hall past everyone, & my uncle told me that the back of my skirt was tucked into my underwear/pantyhose.
I didn't leave my chair for the rest of the reception.
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Originally Posted by Me-n-my guys
My cousin Laura's big Greek wedding. I was pretty young, maybe 12, & went to the bathroom. I was a tomboy & not used to wearing skirts. I had returned from the bathroom, crossed the reception hall past everyone, & my uncle told me that the back of my skirt was tucked into my underwear/pantyhose.
I didn't leave my chair for the rest of the reception.
Awww! Don't feel so bad. The same thing happend to my Aunt's best friend at my cousin's wedding...and it's on the video!
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I was on flight, sitting in the middle seat between two men. I immediately fell asleep and was having a nice nap. Until I farted so loud I woke myself up. I just pretended to still be asleep; I was pretty embarrassed.
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LOL! Good fart one

I've got one too...

When I was 18 I was part of the youth counsel... a group of about 7 kids who lead the youth group of about 50 people. We had meetings on Monday night, but we were so relaxed we would sit in a circle in the church lobby floor.

There we were, all quiet and concentrating (the pastor's son AND my crush at the time were there)... and I knew I needed to poot but thought I could get it out silently. I FORGOT I was sitting on a concrete floor!!! It was so loud it echoed!!! My best friend and I looked at each other and burst out laughing... It would've been fine if everyone joined in laughing and got it over with, but everyone else was pretending, rather well, that nothing had happened!!!! Except for the pastor's son, of course, who was keeping his cool but turned bright red!
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Does it count if your (future) husband embarrasses you? After all I'm associated with this person ! We were at my brother's and sis-in-law's I think Thanksgiving, not quite engaged yet, but close. My bro and his wife are about as "normal" as you can get and Sunny has a, umm, weird sense of humor and will sometimes say the most outrageous things. I think this was a non-sequitur that he threw into one of those silences that all conversations have when he said "I'm going to let my eyebrows grow about a foot and then comb them over my head." Well, this was met with pretty stunned silence from my straight-laced family! I'm sure my face must've been rather red anyway.

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When I was about 14 we had a young football player (about 16 or so) join our ballet class to improve his coordination. He was SOOOO cute! I wanted to get his attention so badly.

During one class we were practicing leaps across the floor. I was paying more attention to showing off for the boy in class than I was to where I was going. I took off across the floor and leaped into a lovely gran jete...right into the post in the middle of the room.

It was not exactly how I wanted to get his attention. And I broke my nose in the process.
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Oh my I know exactly how you feel!!

I was always trying to show off infront of this boy in my P.E. class and things would NEVER go well. Like the time we were playing handball (for those that don't know what that's a game where you have to get the ball to your goal by passing it to your team mates by hand..if you drop it you have to kick it up.) Anyway..I ended up getting the ball and was trying to act all cool with it....................gave it to the other team Not to mention there was a time in that same day when I was too busy staring at him and the ball hit me in my head

Plus there was a time in hockey..when I was trying to show off my highstick...........and went OVER THE FREAKING PUCK!!!!! In other words..I missed really bad.

Plus you have to kinda pay attention in hockey..because if you're standing there like a complete idiot and listening to the kinda forget where you're at..and the puck comes to you..and you dont realise it.................................they kinda like to wack you in the ankles and get you out of P.E. for the rest of the week..and into a study hall..which takes you away from the cute boy you just love to stare at!!!!
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