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So, I'm way excited and had to share with someone - I'm moving to a bigger apartment soon!

Not sure if anyone recalls my post in the Behaviour section discussing how we were pretty cramped in my current apartment, which is only 500 sq feet - in addition to that, my upstairs neighbours have been driving me nuts (not sure what the heck they are doing up there, but it sounds as if they have installed a bowling alley), so after some thought and talking to my super, I'm on a waiting list for the first larger apartment that becomes available on one of the top floors (there are four buildings, so hopefully this shouldn't take more than six months at the MOST) - so, providing my line of credit is renewed for this year (which is probable, though I'm a bit nervous as I went over last year to pay for Meeko's expensive surgery), the kits and I are moving to a larger place - am super excited for their sake, especially Henry's, as I think this will make them, and again, especially Henry, much more comfortable! Plus, it will be nice to have some more space myself, and of course to get out from under the bowlers.

Thanks for letting me share, and if anyone wants to keep their fingers crossed for me re. my line of credit, that would be really, really great (soooo stressed about that).
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It is always good to get more room. I hate moving though. Sounds like you won't have to move far though. Good luck
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Hope you love it when you get there!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks, guys! I don't mind it, actually, because I never actually pack, with boxes and stuff - I just move stuff from location to location as is, so all I have to do is put it away - packing seems like it would be really hard and timeconsuming.
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