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broken tooth

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My cat broke a canine tooth and I'm taking him to a veterinary dentist this week. Anyone have any experience/ words of wisdom for me on this?
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My only comment is simply that many cats live normal lives without their full compliment of teeth. Nano is missing some of her teeth and for the most part she gets along just fine!

Hope it works out for your cat.
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my cat is 12 and she broke half of one of her canine teeth off, it has been that way for 3 years and it doesnt bother her..
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Cats having teeth taken out is fine (i have had cats with no teeth), but if they are broken you have to be careful that they dont cut their mouths and turn into abscesses, so they should always be looked at by a vet.
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Good for you for taking your cat to the vet for the broken tooth. Depending on your kittys age & condition of all the teeth, your vet may recommend a full cleaning, if an extraction of the broken tooth is necessary. If it is...do it. It is well worth the expense. Please keep us updated.
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