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Originally Posted by captiva
Lisa, if you have fairly medium to lighter brown hair- this may work..... I had my hairstylist highlight my hair just by pulling though little tiny strands - My highlights were always sparkling gold which hid the sparkling white very well

Thanks for the advice Chris! I will certainly look into doing that. I guess you could say I have medium brown hair, sometimes it appears lighter in the sun.

I was once thinking about reddish highlights, not sure if that would look right though.
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Originally Posted by captiva
Hey - or else let it go and you could match Sash!!
My boy never seems to age, lucky him!
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It's funny you posted this topic today because I was just obsessing about finding several grey hairs this morning. It's like they just showed up overnight because I have really dark brown hair and never noticed them before today and I'm 31.
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I found my first grey hair the other day. Well, it's probably not the first but it's the first one I've ever noticed!! It actually really stressed me out - a lot more than I thought it would!! Right slap bang in the middle of my hair-line on my forehead. It's the first time since I turned 30 that I actually felt
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My sister started going grey when she was 16, just like Mum.
Thank goodness I didn't follow suit but have noticed a few in my crown since I was 25, it's having kids that does it to you!
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Being 14, no. Could it be because of stress?
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I started getting the first gray hairs in my mid 30s. For the first ten years or so, I pulled every one I found. But by then I was getting more and decided it was time to quit that. (I still pluck the white ones I find in my eyebrows, though.)

I've never dyed my hair since college days. I'll be 64 in a couple of weeks and still only have a little bit of gray near the temples. Since my hair is light to medium brown, the gray is hardly noticeable even yet. It blends in and just looks like a touch of highlighting. Both of my parents and my brothers had much darker hair and the gray showed worse, so I'm glad all four of us girls somehow got a lighter brown.
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None here either. I'm 15.
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if they are from stress, ill be getting them soon! and im 16!!!
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I noticed my first few grey hairs in my early 20's. By my mid 30's I was getting highlights, and that worked just fine to blend them in. My hair is medium brown, and I got copper highlights, just a few tones lighter than my hair. Then, for quite a few years, I used those demi-permanent hair colours. They were lots of fun, but they don't cover grey really well, so when a lot more started showing up at my temples, I decided to just bite the bullet and have salon dyed hair. Now I have it dyed a base colour pretty much the same as my natural colour (as I remember it), and add a couple of different colour highlights.

My sister, who is 2 years older than I am, has virtually no grey hair, and until she does, I'm dying mine.

I am positive mine is from stress. My parents both turned grey much much later,

I have a friend who turned grey in her 20's, and has beautiful silver hair. She has had women ask her where she gets her hair coloured, they don't believe that it's natural.
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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
if they are from stress, ill be getting them soon! and im 16!!!
Oh no! What's stressing you, if its okay to ask?
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I'm 50 this yr and I've a peppering of grey hairs that I colour into the rest .

But I've just had to pluck out a grey eyebrow hair

Actually it's not the grey hairs that you have to watch. As you get older eyebrows start getting long thick hairs in them, so as well as plucking you have to trim them too

Still I'm only 18 at heart.
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My bf Max went to work a few weeks ago and all these people were coming up to him and saying, `Wow look at all your grey hairs in your beard how come we've never noticed them before??' As it turns out he had been giving lots of love and head butts to Princess before work and she had shed her silver fur all through his beard - he had to go and groom himself before he looked his age again!
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got a few but thanx to hair dyes mind u ill be 50 next week so its expected i suppose
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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
if they are from stress, ill be getting them soon! and im 16!!!
Oh no! What's stressing you, if its okay to ask?
its fine to ask, if you really care to know search for the thred titled "if anyones outthere at 3:20am" sorry i dont know how to link to it. :-)
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I found my first grey hair in my early twenties, and now have a few of the little blighters! My dad is still mostly dark haired in his mid-fifties, but my mother was totally grey in her thirties. I take after my dad mostly, so fingers crossed I do about this too!
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I found my first, and hopefully only, grey hair last year when I was 23. I freaked out...I told my bf it was because of all the stress he has put me through I have my hair highlight now (carmel streaks) so my one hair has been dyed, which I will continue to do if anymore of the little buggers pop up.
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Grey eyebrow hairs and long too???????.
Just great as if the unibrow look isn't had enough.
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[quote=mferr84] i have my hair highlighted so many different colors you cant tell!

Only my stylist knows!
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me too... well, my mom know, but only cuz i asked her why... she said her dad had a full head of white hair by the time he was 25, but her mom, had a full head of dark hair when she passed...

the white highlights i also put in my hair this time mask them just fine! there were only a couple though
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Actually, thinking all this over, how do you think I feel? I'm not yet 50 but my son is 30, and he's getting a lot of grey hairs.

What's worse, going grey or having a grey haired child.....discuss.....
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Originally Posted by mferr84
how's this for early... i found my first gray hairs last year, when i was 20! i have two they are above one of my ears... but now i have my hair highlighted so many different colors you cant tell!

my mother and father claim that i gave them every single one of their gray hairs.... kinda funny... cuz my dad is bald... so i guess i was so bad that i not only turned their hair colors, but i made it fall out
I found my first grey hairs when I was around 20, too. It freaked me out! But I dye my hair so it doesn't really matter. Only problem: with three other people in my home it's hard to find a time to color my hair (in the bathroom). I think it's cool if women or men want to go naturally grey but not at 29!
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Turning loose is worse than turning grey, and when the years pile up, it turns loose you-know-where first, but I don't guess that's bad, 'cause I could never figure what good it did, anyway.

Why don't cats get gray with age ? (in cat years)

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sweetie, you've got nothing to worry about! I've been getting grey hair since I was 17!! And yes, that was stress related. I pull them out or dye over them mum's been going grey since she was about 35, and dad... well he hasn't got any to go grey. I think you're just fine!
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I had grey hairs start to show up about 3-4 yrs ago, and I just keep on doing the highlight thing to cover it up...
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I still like the theory that pulling one out causes two to grow back.....if I can do that, I'll have a nice thick head of hair one day!!!
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