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Macbre Question

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I don't know where else to ask this, so I am going to ask it here. I have to put my Lofdi down in a couple of days, due to FIP. This is the second cat (in a row) I have lost to this disease, so I would like to fight back any way I can. My question is, is there any researchers anywhere that need/use deceased specimens of cats with this disease? I would like to donate his body to science if I can (usefully).
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do you have a vet school near by that would be a thought ??
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so sorry sending a
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vet university would be my guess.

so sorry for your loss
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I am so sorry to hear of your kitty! Please accept my condolences.

I too recommend a veternary school. There may be one or more that specialize in FIP? (Not sure where you live).
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Unless you kept Lofdi in the deep freeze it is likely to late to donate the body anywhere. But you could call a vet university and ask them what to do.

Sorry to hear you have been hit twice with this dreadful disease-
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