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In Memory of Petunia

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Though I have mentioned my dear Petunia in other threads, I feel that I need to devote one to her as she was truly a special cat. I lost her a couple of years ago and still miss her.

She was my first pet, the one I chose and took care of. She was also the one subjected to my ignorance as a cat owner. I found her in the local shelter, just a tiny kitten in a cage by herself. When I held her, she just purred and purred.

But when I got her home, she just hid and hid. Not understanding her, I grew upset with her because she wasn't the little cuddly kitten I imagined. I seriously considered taking her back. But I calmed down and knew that I had made a commitment to her. I was going to name her Pansy because she was so skittish but that didn't think that was PC. So she became Petunia or Pet or Tunia depending on my mood. And this tiny little creature taught me patience. Petunia never did become a lap kitty. Sometimes she would precariously balance on my knee and launch herself off at the slightest noise. She also never was seen by anyone else as she hid the minute the doorbell rang. There was one time she got outside and when I rang my doorbell, she ran directly inside to hide.

I also made the error of declawing my poor baby not understanding its implications. Yet through all of this, she became devoted to me and never gave me any problems with the litter box or aggression.

She even forgave me when I foisted another cat on her when my husband and I moved in together. Petunia never did like the other cat, Much, but they worked out a truce. Especially when there was a sun spot.

Also, if Petunia didn't see Much she was happy. Much would be hanging out on my lap and Petunia would jump up to lay beside me. If I held a magazine or something so Petunia wouldn't see Much, she would settle down and the two of them would be back to back perfectly content.

It took longer for Petunia to get used to my husband, probably because he wanted to make friends whereas Much just made peace. There was one time when he grabbed Petunia's tail loosely while she was walking away. She started hissing but never turned around to look at him. We figured that was quite the insult in that he didn't even deserve to be hissed at directly. But eventually, he started to get Petunia used to brushing and she grew to love the brushing. She even gave him a head-butt a couple of times. And Petunia could really head-butt forcefully for a little 8 lb cat.

Petunia had the most wonderfully loud purr. You could hear it across the room. In the last few years, she began sleeping with my arm wrapped around her and her head on my hand. When she was purring, it was like a large truck idling, echoing in the bed springs.

We don't know what exactly took my love's life. One night she layed down in front of me on the bed, unusual behavior, and for the first time in her 15 years, growled at me when I petted her. A visit to the vet showed kidney stones on both sides but no problems with the kidneys themselves. After some medication, she seemed to do ok for awhile but then slowly stopped eating. We did everything we could to get her to eat. Unfortunately, I had to leave her at the vet's while we went out of town and she wouldn't eat under those circumstances even healthy. By the time I got back, she wasn't taking in anything unless it was forced on her and that wasn't enough.

On her last day, I had tried to give her more food. We had a vet visit that afternoon and I knew we were close to having to make a decision. She was always an indoor cat, but that day, I took her outside and let her lay in the sun. At the vet's, I comforted her and held her until the end.

I still miss my best friend of 15 years. She taught me so much about loyalty and love. She saw me through so much in my life.

Thanks everyone for listening.
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Oh those eyes!!! No wonder you were in love. She hypnotized you with those big, green eyes!!
No just kidding. I know thats not why you fell in love with her. The way you described her reminds me of my Lilo. She has always been serious. Not the lovey type. Well I guess I should say only lovey when she wants.

But I guess no matter how serious our furbabies are..... they are still ours!! And its that evey once in a while kiss or rub against the legs just to let us know they love us is what draws us to them.

You keep those memories of Petunia. Tuck them deep within your .

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What a gorgeous cat, and you obviously gave her a lot of love and care to get her to 15.
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How difficult, to lose your first cat. I still remember Frisky, the cat we had when I was a kid. I still think her coloring (silver tabby) is gorgeous, and I like how sometimes my girl Festus reminds me of Frisky.

Sounds like you were very understanding with your shy girl. Pet ownership is a learning experience. I also had a cat declawed, and wondered why it looked like her little fingers were shorter. (Duh!) She never held it against me, and now that I know what declawing is, I won't do it again. I also help educate others about declawing.

Condolences on your loss. She was lucky to be so beloved!
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What a beautiful tribute to your friend...made me tear up just reading it...very touching. I hope that writing about her and telling others about her will help bring you some peace and closure. I think it's important that we continue to talk about our lost friends to keep their spirit alive.

rest in peace Petunia
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What a beautiful memorial to your sweet Petunia! For a kitten with such sad beginnings, you gave her 15 wonderful, much-loved years. No kitty could ever ask for more.
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Sorry to hear about your loss. Petunia was such a beautiful kitty. RIP sweetie!
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how I weep with you as I read this tribute to Petunia. Thankyou for giving her, her own special thread here in the blue room.

She most certainly sounds like a wonderful beautiful cat - and I agree - look at those amazing eyes. Unfortunatly this morning, words escape me and I can think of nothing to say - I am so sorry for this and so sorry for your loss.

Please know that Petunia is happy and healthy now at the bridge - truely she is. You held her until the last moments and helped her cross peacefully over. This truely is the most unselfish act any of us can do for our beloved ones. Petunia thanks you for this. You gave her 15 years of total love and now she will watch over you & your family and she will protect you - she loves you, and will wait until you meet again

RIP sweet angel Petunia
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Thank all of you for sharing Petunia with me. Your words help me give Petunia the respect and remembrance she deserves.

Bless you all.

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What a pretty baby. You never get over the loss of a beloved cat, especially your first. My heart goes out to you. Petunia was lucky to have you who could deal with her insecurities. Not everyone would have.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
What a pretty baby. You never get over the loss of a beloved cat, especially your first. My heart goes out to you. Petunia was lucky to have you who could deal with her insecurities. Not everyone would have.
The truth is that she also put up with all of my insecurities. I think that is what made her so super special to me.

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Originally Posted by katachtig
The truth is that she also put up with all of my insecurities. I think that is what made her so super special to me.
unconditional love - its an amazing thing
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Dear sweet Petunia,

Though it is now 4 years since you left, please know that you are still missed and loved.
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Oh Jana Thank you for bringing this up and sharing your tribute to your precious Petunia with us. What a beautiful girl. and what beautiful heart felt words you have for her. You can certainly feel your love and devotion to her.

May your tears also bring you healing in knowing, Petunia, will always be apart of you.

I will be thinking of you during this time, Jana

Rest In Peace Petunia and always know you are loved so very much.
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Jana she is absolutely Precious The way you spoke of her is just beautiful...What a special girl you have living in your heart
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Jana what a gorgeous little girl Petunia is

Your mum loves you and misses you so much Petunia

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Petunia was such a beautiful girl. I know how much you must miss her. I know that she is still with you though, even though you can't see her there.

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Rest in Peace Petunia,

She sounds so much like heyu.who i also thought about taking back, But like you did. I thought i made the choice and its now my job to take care of her. She also runs and hides anytime comes over. Who took almost 2 months before she would let me touch her. What i have now is a cat that always stays near me, watchs me leave and waits in the window for me to come home, Who now as soon as i wake up, comes and kneads my stomach.

Sometimes the really good ones we need give time for them to come out of there shell.
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Aww Sweet little Petunia.... Maybe she is playing with Jake now, just passing the time until you two meet again.
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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u View Post
Aww Sweet little Petunia.... Maybe she is playing with Jake now, just passing the time until you two meet again.
I'm sure she is mothering him now. Thank you for this. I know you are in a lot of pain right now.
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What a lovely tribute to your girl
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Rereading your tribute to Petunia brought tears to my eyes for a second time. It's a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.
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