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Feeding Kittens

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I have two 3 and a half month old kitties (brother and sister). We are feeding them regular (human food) such as meat, fish, veggies, broth, baby food, dairy etc. as well as dry kitten food. Our vet told us to mix regular and kitten food, two tablespoons of each, twice a day. I keep to the schedule and feed them at 7 am and then at 6pm with a little snack at 9pm (usually milk, or cottage cheese) smth small. In the morning when I go to the kitchen to feed them the boy starts going crazy. I have high counters in the kitchen about 3 feet and he jump and holds on with his claws to the counter and hangs there meowing like crazy. He just starts running around the kitchen and yelling. My neighbor downstairs wakes up from the yelling (it's that loud). If I keep him in the room while I prepare breakfast he'll scratch the door, jump on it and yell even louder. The girl on the other hand will behave normally and when I give them their plates she'll sit like normal cat and eat but he won't even sit down, he'll stand up untill he's done eating and then he'll ask for more. He's only crazy like that in the morning.

Am I not giving him enough food? How much food is enough for the kittens? Don't kittens have tiny stomachs? He was dewarmed but could it be smth else inside of him eating his food? (He goes to the bathroom normaly, no blood or anything unusual) How can I teach him not to yell in the morning?

PS I want to post the pictures of them how can I do that. Copy and paste doesn't work.

Thank you.
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It isn't recommended to feed cats/kittens cows milk. You can buy specially formulated milk for cats at most pet stores. Kittens use a lot of energy playing/romping etc. You may want to provide more food if the kitten continues to be hungry.

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maybe try leaving dry food out at all times for them to nibble on when hungry.
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you really do take risks when you feed kittens and cats human food. Some food is okay to feed, but never in excess. Dry kitten food and canned kitten food and fresh water should suffice for these guys. I would feed them 4-5 times a day in small amounts or get an automatic feeder that doles out dry food in small quanties daily. Feeding them like you are you are opening yourself up to having some finicky adult eaters one day.
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Thank you very much for your input.

The problem with leaving the food available to them is that they'll eat it right away no matter how much I put. They do not leave anything for later. The girl won't eat everything but he'll eat his and then hers.

I'm generally against all the cat food. When you feed cats canned food it does not exercise their jaw musles which hinders the cats when they are older. Also can food contains preservatives and bones from animals that contains all the hormones that cats eat. So I stay away from that.

PS Hissy, what do you mean by finicky?
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if your against commercial cat food maybe get a book about making your own cat food or give them raw chicken necks to chew on.

kittens eat lots becuase they need lots of energy. i believe in free feeding kittens to make sure they get enough.

by finicky i think hissy means fussy, as in fussy, picky eaters.
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I'm no expert, but I think you should increase the amount of food and number of feedings. As for the milk, I have heard it can cause bowel problems in cats and shouldn't be given.
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Thanks for the replies.

I am still afraid to give them raw meat because they are so little. I wanted to start at around 6 month. I do have a book on how to make cat food and we do follow it giving them the needed organs (heart, gizzards, lungs etc.)

As to feeding them when they ask I'm afraid I might over feed them which can result in obesity. I just can't imaging how the amount of food that I give them fits in their stomachs. They will eat every 5 minutes literarly. I'll feed them they'll eat, lick their paws and when I sit down to eat 10 minutes later they'll be in my plate.

As to being picky eaters I highly doubt it, they eat everything. I give them a large variety of food and there is not one thing that they leave on their plate.

Thanks again for all the help.
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