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She needs a name

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Well, after much debate (along with many tears), I decided to get a 4th kitty. She's only about 3 months old & I totally fell in love at the shelter. This is the last kitty I'm going to get for a LONG time. The boys are adjusting as well as I can expect. I did keep her seperate for a couple days, but every time I opened the bathroom door 1 or all 3 would follow me in there so we are doing suppervised interaction only. Isaac (the youngest of the 3 boys) is actually having the hardest time. Jordan (my alpha) has already given her a couple baths. Levi (a big sweet Zeta Kitty) doesn't love her, but doesn't hate her either. I actually think Isaac is having the hardest time because he's second in command & I think when she's grown up she's going to take over that position. I was a little sad yesterday because he's pretty ticked at me right now & hasn't been coming to me for affection, but I know I have to be patient. At any rate, she needs a name. Since the boys all have Christian based names, I figure she needs one too so she will fit in. So any suggestions?
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Hmmm... Christian names. Abigail, Adelaide, Mary, Rebecca... ah I could go on and on.

I found thie site for you: http://www.jesusanswers.com/names/gi...0Girls%20a.htm maybe it'll help?

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Hmmm... Eve... or maybe Eden (I guess that's female?)
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Ruth(ie), Sarah, Esther, Elizabeth
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Naomi is a pretty name. Of course, Rebecca is nice, too!

Beckiboo aka Becky aka Rebecca!
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