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A dilema-need opinions

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I have been slowly working on our "big vacation" for next July. Its our 20th wedding anniversay in Sept and Neil turns 50 in Jan. So I am planning a 2 week European trip. This is going to be a surprise that will be revealed in January. Anyhow we went to his sister's house yesterday and they are comtemplating renting a houseboat in northern Minnesota next July for a week. The houseboat holds 10 people (5 couples). Of course they asked us if we would like to go. They would like to get the plans firmed up by the end of this July. Neil of course cannot take 3 weeks of vacation in a row.
He is interested in the houseboat but thinks a week would be a long time.

So what do I do?? Spoil the surprise and spring it on him still this month. Just the bare bones of the trip. Or postpone it for another year???

As always I value everyone thoughts!!
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well.. i dont know...? Do you think he would rather go on the boat house or on the european trip??
if you think he would rather come to europe then spring it out now because what if something else comes in the way??
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Can you call his sister, tell her the problem, and get her to call hubbie and 'cancel' the houseboat trip?
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I agree with Fwan - if you are thinking of planning this trip now, then do it while you are all fired up about it. Or maybe, you could ask him what he wants to do, boat trip this year, Euro trip next?

Let us know what you decide!
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I think that you could say, you're planning something as a surprise for the 2 of you, for the anniversary / birthday. And let him decide, if he would rather celebrate with you on a trip for the 2 of you, or together with the other couples. Could you get away with telling him that much, but not the details?

Both sound like a lot of fun. But I think that the 2 weeks away together sounds like a "once in a lifetime" type celebration for a special year.

Whatever, I think you have to let him in on the decision.
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You said they were "contemplating" getting a houseboat. Could you call her and find out how serious they are about it?
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Or can one of you move your plans to another month? You said he can't take 3 weeks in a row, but if he can break them up by a week or so...If he is reluctant to take a week, you may need to have very firm plans before telling him you need to take 2 weeks! LOL!

What a great idea-just the two of you for two weeks!
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