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Honeymooner Missing From Cruise Ship

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The bride woke up, her groom was not in the room, and she went to get a massage at 7 A.M.
Now I am not married, but I thought that during your honeymoom, you were doing other stuff all night and slept in. If I woke up and my man were not there, I don't think I would go off to get a massage. I would want to know where in the heck he was!

They had been drinking heavily. She does not think anything about it when she woke up and he was not there. That's wierd!
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That does sound a bit weird to me.... and she flew home as well. Surely she would want to stay to see if they find him / or a body or something
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maybe he just jumped into the sea while she was asleep?
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Wow. And look at the other people gone missing from cruise ships as well.

Side note: Did anyone else find it odd that on the same page there is an add to win a free cruse???
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I couldn't get the link to pull anything up, but from what y'all have said, it sounds like no one should rule out foul play on the part of wifey-poo here...
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I also thought it was odd that as soon as the authorities we finished questioning her, she jumped a plane home... That really struck me as odd...you'd think she'd stay there until she found out what had happened to her husband??
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Oh I just choked on my tea, that did make me laugh!
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Sounds like he was drunk, tripped, fell over the railing, smacked himself on the lifeboat, hence the blood, and then fell into the ocean. Since it was so dark and tehre was so much noise, no one probably would have noticed.

And what was the lady supposed to do, sit there in whatever foreign country she was in and pay for several weeks stay while they looked for her husband? I would have gone home too.
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