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Early weaning?

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What age is the minimum to put a kitten on solids?

It's just.. the other 3 I am handraising are doing fine on my new bottles, but Smudge is refusing to suckle, despite always trying to suckle his brothers.
His only interest in the teat was chomping on it momentarily.

I tried reverting back to a syringe but he still refused to take more than 10mls

So I heated up some whiskas junior and he launched himself into it, and ate approx 3 teaspoonfuls worth.
Is this ok? He really doesn't want milk but he is only 4 weeks old.. obviously I am not talking about removing KMR altogether, but is it ok to make solids his main diet?
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my babies started on solids around 4-5 weeks old with occasional nursing from momma.
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Hello, I had the same problem. And what worked best for me was to make some warm KMR and mix it with the canned food. That way the kitten is still getting the vitamens from the KMR while getting use to canned food. After awhile I switch the canned food with kitten chow. But I let the KMR soak into the kitten food for a few mins, that way it was easier to eat. Good Luck!
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I have tried doing the milk and tinned food.. but only on a saucer.. I think I will try the KMR mixed with tinned inside a little cup like thing.. because otherwise he just pushes it around with his nose.
He is going to the vet tomorrow as early as I can get an appointment, he is just so much weaker than the others, and since he started bottlefeeding he has had diarrhoea.
You can feel the energy of the others when they are playing or feeding, but he is just a little soft lump and seems to have no energy at all

They have new boxes now so he is all alone as well I have tried to put him back numerous times but he just keeps trying to suckle.. it means he has no furry siblings to snuggle into at night.. though he does have a hot water bottle..
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