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new kitten won't poop in litter box, HELP!

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We have a new 8 week old kitten that will not poop in the litter box. She will pee in the litter box, but will not poop. IS there a way that I can teach her how to? The people that we got her from said that they are having the same problem with the kitten that they kept. We do have two 4 year old cats, but they could care less where the little one is. I also set up another cat box in the bathroom where she has been pooping on the rug.

Please help if you have any ideas as to what to do!

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Does she have her on litter box? The general rule of thumb is one box per cat plus one. Cats are very clean so make sure to clean the box often - mine are cleaned every day (and sometimes often thruout the day if I am home) tho not changed every day. 8 weeks is also VERY young to be away from her mama who teachers her these things tho we meomies do help. My kitten was only eligible for departure from the nest at 12 weeks which is pretty common. I've seen 8 weeks but usually in a shelter filled with kitties. It is really too earrly and in a cat's life, 4 weeks is a LONG time - especially when they are babies!! I'd suggest asking the breeder but they too sound inexperienced - perhaps both kittens are away from their mom too soon tho the breeders much surely still have mama?

Inapprpriate eliminaytion can also mean medical probs but this kitten is too young - has she ssen a vet for her first vaccination which should be soon?
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The rule of thumb is two boxes per cat- in the wild cats do not pee and poop in the same place. Instinct tells them this is a dangerous thing to do. Providing two litter pans is the answer. Also she is quite young and giving her an adult sized litter pan now just makes her eliminating all that tougher- go to cake size pans that is the best for the young ones
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She has had her shots, and she does have her own little kitty box. Our friends that we got her from have never had kittens before. I feel like she is way too young to be away from Mama, but our friends that have mama and the other kitten said that Mama isn't teaching the kittens to go in the litter box.
Will she eventually figure out that she needs to poop in the litter box? She does pee in it, so she does know where it is and such.

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when she poops on the floor, pick it up and put it in her litter box. she should then learn that is the place to poop
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Thanks Missy, I have been doing that, and keeping the boxes really clean like normal. She is getting really close, she is now pooping on the rug that is under the litter box, so basically she is pooping on the rug next to the box, so she is getting close.

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maybe she doesn't like the litter?? Have you tried different brands?
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I have tried other litter, what's really weird is that she will pee in the box, just not poop.
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My kittens would not poop in the box if they had diherrhia. Does she have diherrhia?
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If you've tried different litters, I would do as hissy suggested and give her 2 litter pans.
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