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Cats Eating Kitten Food

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I have a grown cat who is a healthy boy, but ever since I got kittens he has been obsessed with their kitten food. I had it on a shelf in my closet, and this cat actually CLIMBED up the side of the closet like it was a tree, trying to get to the kitten food. I try feeding the kittens separately, but I have one kitten who is NOT eating well at all and I wish I could have the food available for him whenever he needs it. Is it terrible for cats to have kitten food? Is there a reason it's so irresistible to cats?
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Age of cat in ???
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He's 4 years old. He is a little weird in that he is not as in love with canned food as most cats are, and generally sticks to his dry food. But he gets this strange look in his eyes when he smells the kitten food, his pupils get real big, and he will stop at nothing to get near it. Normally he is very polite, when the kittens are eating he will sit there and watch them intently, and I will think "cool, he is finally getting over the kitten food" but as soon as they walk away he LUNGES for the bowl. I don't get it...?
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talk to your vet or vet tech... are you feeding the same brand or flavor kitten as the 4yr old gets??
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Yes- they all eat "ONE". I have fed the kittens the Iams kitten food but my older cat especially goes after the kitten brand of ONE. Maybe I could try a higher-quality cat food to see if that gets his interest. Is the main problem that kitten food has more fat, etc, so could make my cat fatter?
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I have the same problem, i have 2 cats and two kittens. I was feeding Felidae to all of them, but because my new kitten was sooo skinny and weak i switched the kittens to wellness kitten until Fez gains the weight he needs. The older cats I have love this food, i think cause the kitten food is richer. I talked to a girl at my vets office who told me the older cats could get chubby and to keep an eye on their weight, and to free feed the kitten food so Fez always had acces and once Fez is normal weight to start feeding the Felidae agian.

So for now all the cats get Wellness kitten dry but since Fez is gaining weight so nicely, i think I will only be feeding it one more week.
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