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Oh no! The most horrible thing ever has happened!

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I just cant believe it

I cant find my "The Sims Unleashed"

Ok... so maybe it isnt THAT horrible... but I want it really really bad O_O

:O I looked in the CD case, the most obvious place... not there.... I looked in all the other CD cases.. not there... I took everything off my desk and put it in a box, still didnt find it....

I lost it one time and it turns out it was sitting on the back of the monitor!! But it wasnt there

I looked under the desk but no. So now I think it either is inbetween the desk in the wall, under the cabinet, or lost in my room somewhere.

(right now I am cleaning my room which will take many days and often involves my room getting very very messy first.) I cant concentrate unless everything is in one big pile. THen I can take out the clothes first, then put what I am keeping in my closet, then put the other stuff in the garage, and finally clean up the trash. I cant think if I just try to do it while it is all over the room. Bleh. Not only that but the air conditioning has broken down so its like ninety five degrees in here. O_O and yeah.

I want to buy fake little kitties and puppies!

Everytime I have the puppies/kitties have babies, they get a doppleganger! There is a second kitten but I cant make it do anything, and it has the same name as the first cat. Tis cool.

Well.. I'm going to shuffle through my stuff and start cleaning before I move the 100 pound or so desk. I often do the hardest things first only to realize the thing I am looking for is in the easiest place. Eh. I am weird. I know it.

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Hey you're lucky! I'd love to own that to begin with but now, thanks to baby Jordon, looks like any unnecessary expenses are out of the question! The things we do for our cats...
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O_O Actually my uncle bought it for me for christmas!

Hm.. right now the regular sims is about ten dollars, and so is unleashed.. if you buy it at Walmart :O I used to have all the way up to unleashed and the ones below it instaled, but our computer got a virus so everything had to be taken out. Luckily my uncle is a computer geek and he let me borrow his sims again... so I am playing the regular "the sims" unitl I can find my unleashed. O_O

Unleashed is the only one I want actually I couldnt erally care about the others.. well..e xcept maybe makin magic. I cant have the sims 2 on the computer or zoo tycoon 2 because I dont have enough... picture memory? or something. I dont know.

ok.. now I REALLY AM GOING TO GO and start cleaning...

after I make a sandwich

hah. I havent eaten yet today
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Ha ha, enjoy your sandwich and cleaning! And I wish I could buy those at Kmart... but we don't have any Kmarts here! :p
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Sorry I meant walmart X_X We dont have a Walmart in town but we have a Kmart, so I always confuse those.
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Oooh we have one of those, I'll have to try to look for it there! So get both, the regular and unleashed? What if I think I have the regular one already.. somewhere...? I don't need to get it again for Unleashed, right?
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First off: Woohoo more The Sims fans

Nah, if you got the first somewhere you don't need to get it again.

I don't know if you guys have seen screenshots of The Sims 2? I own it and it is awesome! Love it love it...lol And there is gonna be a pets expansion for TS2 as well. And with the quality of TS2 I am definitely gonna buy it the pets would rock!
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