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Last night I finally brought the kitties home from Mum's to our new house. Not only do they have to adjust to the move, but also to our new puppy, Ruby.

Sunday won't be a problem she grew up with dogs, and is very mellow anyway. Already it's only been one night and she is fine and relaxed and settled.

However I am worried about Sashka - she's a timid little thing and I think Ruby is going to terrify her. I've been losing sleep over what to do about it.

At the moment they have been able to sort out each other's smells in and about the house, and they have been kept isolated from each other, which I will continue to do for a few more days. The cats are being kept indoors exclusively for a couple of weeks, and I am going to introduce Ruby to them very slowly.

I am just concerned that Sashka might bolt and run away. I would die if she did that - has anyone got any advice about how I can help her feel secure?