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Human sicknesses and kitties

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Unfortunately today my boyfriend and I had to make a joint trip to the hospital because somewhere this weekend we both picked up pink eye... my worry is that one of us will transfer it to the cat - if that's even possible (anyone know?!). I'm not even sure if it could be passed to my Oliver-cat, but I'm worried, especially since he has FIV. He often sleeps next to my head or snuggles to our faces... he's also all over the place, so who knows what he touches that may have touched one of our eyes... should I be concerned? What signs should I look for that he might have it? Should I just give the vet a call? Ugh, of all the things we didn't need, pink eye is definite near the top of the list....
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Ugh I know how you feel, I have had pink eye a few time Feel better soon!

For infecting your cat I really do not know, but give it a bit and more knowledgable people will be along

Also is there any way of phoning a 24 hour vet and asking?
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I don't think cats can get pinkeye from humans. I've never heard of it, but then again there's a lot I don't know-lol
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I don't think cats get conjunctivitis(sp?) from humans
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The only animal AFAIK that can share the pink eye virus with humans is pigs.
I learned this the hard way when I had recurring cases of pink eye....7 times in a single year.
I lived about 300yards from a pig farm, he had some 30 infected pigs.
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Wow, never knew that about the pigs! I'm really prone to pink eye for some reason, so I've had it a lot, but this is the first time having it while owning a cat... although I never had problems with my dog when I had it. I'm not quite as worried now, but will probably give the vet a call tomorrow to be sure... I'm sure they could give me a straight yes or no over the phone... thanks everyone!
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