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My poor Sheena

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Last night, my 9 month old german sheperd,(sheena) which I have had seince she was 12 weeks old....got hit by a car....they didn't even stop to tell us, or see if she was okay!!!!!! We rushed her to the vet...and he looked her over, and said he didn't beleive she had broken any bones...(thank god) but she had a huge bloody gash right above her eye, and two more wounds on her neck....he had to stitch the one above her eye, as it was pretty deep, but the others weren't so bad...her right leg was compleltely swollen and she was limping....she had mud from the tires ground into her fur...I was so worried.
We had to leave her there overnight...I worried all day today, that she might think I had taken her there and just abandoned her. They had put her in a small cage, which she is not used to at all.

So today I went to get her...and the Dr. said she would heal up just fine, and she was so excited to see me that she peed all over the floor! (poor baby)

PS...she is getting to be such a big girl now! She weighed in at 65 lbs, and isn't even done growing yet!!

I was so thrilled that she was going to be okay. He gave me antibiodics to give her twice a day for 7 days, so as not to get infection in her wounds, then I will take her back in a week to 10 days to have the stitches removed.

She is very lucky!!!! I just wanted to tell you all.

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Having German Shepherds myself, I know what a joy they are. I am glad that Sheena was not hurt worse. Lucky dog!
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Thank you Hissy....she is such a sweet kindhearted dog.
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Hi, I am glad Sheena is going to be ok and is doing so great!! I can't believe that someone wouldn't even stop That is so cruel and horrible.
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I'm so glad she's going to be alright. People are so reckless when it comes to animals on the road! And not even stopping to help! Arrrgh!

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how sickening and sad... that happened to me & my step-mom when i was a little girl. our dog Mandy was hit by a car right on our sidewalk in front of our house &$#*! drunk driver... unfortunately in our case she didnt make it. she had had a litter of puppies a few months prior and we had kept one from the litter, so we had a part of her still, in a way.

about a year ago i was driving with a friend and we were just talking, and a cat sprinted in front of us - out of nowhere - and my friend slammed on her brakes, practically giving us both whiplash ! the cat was okay, wasnt even very close,(probaly only felt the breeze of the car slamming to a stop) but we were really shooken up, and had to pull over and calm ourselves down for about 15 minutes. both of us being incredible cat/animal lovers, the idea that the cat could have been hit, was horrifying.

i'm sorry for you and your dog, i'm so happy she's alright.


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I'm sorry about Sheena and glad she's going to be okay. Did she get loose? I'm ASSUMING you don't allow her to roam. There are such irresponsible drivers out on the road these days. I have a hard enough time with squirrels, birds and wild life. Keep us posted on her recovery.

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She is an outside dog, with free roam, yes. We live on a farm, and off a gravel road, we have never had any problems before, and she would hate to be penned up or chained....so I allow her free roam.

Thanks everyone for your concern....she seems to be doing well!
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Dear Debby,
I've found you! Wow, I am not suprised by all the outpouring of love for you. Thank the Lord she's doing well! I know these driver's really get me going! I can't understand how someone can do such a deplorable crime, there's a country I'd like to send 'em all to and it doesn't exist on this planet. Eeeeks, I scare myself when I talk like that! Well, enough of that anger, however; I know for myself that accidents do happen, but being irresponsible only makes matters worse. We all here, I'm sure 100% would love to give you and Sheena a great big hug and tell ya everything's gonna be alright! Ordeals such as these only makes you stronger and that much more filled with more love to give others. Wow, by the way it looks, you should be exhausted!! Can I get an "Amen" to that!?
As I stated in the other thread, rest assured you and yours are in my prayers...
Most Sincerely
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Thank you Catarina!!! *hugs* I replied to you in the other thread also, but I will say here that Sheena is doing much better! She is taking her antibiodics and seems to be getting along fine!! She is going in next week to have the stitches out, and also be spayed. Then she will hopefully be through with vets for awhile! (my pocketbook will also heave a sigh of relief) LOL
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Poor baby pup! I'm so glad tht she's going to be ok. It just amazes me how rude people are. I hope she's going to be wll soon. I know she'll be babied.
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Oh yes, she is being babied...she just loves the fact that she now gets special slices of salami ( I roll her pills up in them)
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Dear Deb,
Boy, what a relief! I'm so glad that you're in the clear with her. Thank the Lord! By the way, boy, don't I feel for you on the vet bills! I wish there was some type of pet insurance available. That would be so cool. Hmmmm...maybe I'll have to look into that further!
God Bless You & Yours!
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Yes, pet insurance would be great!! It cost me $88 to have Sheena fixed up after her 'hit and run' and next week, when I take her in to have the stitches out and be spayed, they told me it will be $95. Geesh!!! I will be broke!!! (but it is still worth it)
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Dear Debby,
Hey there, I just happened to check for pet insurance and I'm really surprised as to what I found! I went to this one particular site http://www.petinsurance.com (original) and I was pretty impressed! Oh, and you can take your pet to any vet in the world with this insurance! Anyway, thought you may just want to check it out, I'm going to go back and check into it further...premiums on 6 cats...whew! Hey, but it's worth it!!!!
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Thank you!!! I am going to check that site out right now!!! this may be something the other members here would be interested in too! Maybe you could start a thread about it, and give the website there...so more people can see it!!! Thanks!!!!
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I wonder if I could get special rates for members of this site. The more people there are, the better! If you have a look at the main page, you'll see that we have a special discount on top quality cat bed by The Catstruction Company. I think I may be able to negotiate similar deals with other merchants, including pet insurance company.
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Hey there Debby,
You're right, there are no coincidences! I was guided here through His Divine light and bound to meet you and all the wonderful people here at the catsite! I love it here and I feel like I've found such a friend in you! Hugs {} to you too! I just read Anne's reply posting too. Wow, wouldn't that be fantastic to get the insurance on here for a reduced rate! I hope you guys can work something out, I was quoted a very nice price; however, when you start adding animals it doesn't appear to there's any break for quantity...ya know, like family insurance. Well, there should be, but what do I know about insurance? Nada...so, there you go.
Well, today is a beautiful Sunday here in Fla. I pray that Sheena's doing well. I pray your whole family is at peace today; you've had a rough week...
Prayers to All
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Anne that would be great if you could get us some reduced rates!!!
And Thank you Catarina....I hope you and kadaffi are doing okay tonight. I have had a rather bad week, and today wasn't so hot either....

I was on my way to town to pick up some chinese take out for supper, and something ran right out in front of my car, and I hit it! It just came out of nowhere!!!! And it was running so fast there was no way i could avoid hitting it!!!! It was dark out, but I thought for sure it looked like a dog! I was paralized with fear, thinking OH my God, Ive hit and killed someones dog!!! And after what just happened to mine!!!! I of course immediately turned around and went back...there were a couple houses near by so I was going to pick up the dog, and go find out who owned the poor thing. I was so upset. When I turned back, and got closer, I saw that it wasnt a dog, but a fox that I had hit. It was dead of course....and even though I am extremely releived that it wasn't someones' pet, I still cried because i had hit the poor fox. I have never hit anything other than a squirell before, and I even felt awful about that!!! I wished I had never went to get Chinese, then the fox would still be alive.

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Dear Debby,
It's been one of those weeks hasn't it! UGH! I can't wait till the sunshine breaks through here. I'm so sorry hon! You need to rest your soul tonite and rest assured that that fox is with the Lord. Don't blame yourself. These things happen. It's happened to all of us, I'm sure of it! Try not to let this get you down. The Lord works in mysterious ways and sometimes I never get it. Sometimes you never do until years later...maybe this is one of those times. You're in my prayers right now and that little fox, well, he's chasing butterflies in Heaven. That's what my Grandma used to say when something like this would happen. My Grandma knew a lot about those kind of things.
Hugs & More Hugs
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Yes, Debby, it's OK. I hit a cat once, long before I became a cat person and I was very upset. He took off immediately, so I have no idea if he lived or died, but to have hit any animal is, sometimes, unavoidable. I hate it when cats sit near the road and THEN haul arse as you approach. I'm so paraniod when I see any animal near a road, because I would be a shambles were I to hit one, especially since I've softened with age. That fox has gone to a better place where there are huge fields of green to tun across and where no cars can hurt him. It's a sad part of life that I'm sure has happened to us all.
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Thank you Catarina and MeowMan, it makes me feel better to know I am not the only one who feels like this. I was so upset about hitting that fox, it was so beautiful, and when I got home, and told my hubby, all he could say was," why didn't you bring it home...a fox fur is worth 25 bucks." Geesh!!!! Have a heart!!!!!
Thanks for being such good friends, and for listening.
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Dear Debby,
I haven't spoken to you in so long! I'm wondering how you're doing & of course Sheena too! I hope all's well with you guys. How is she recovering? I've been online surfin and here at the Cat Site quite a bit. My friends think I've fallen off the earth for a while...kinda in depression; but I'm okay, it's just something I had to go through. I've gone through it and I'm okay. I knew this would happen. I just had to be a recluse for a couple of days. I knew it! Hey, I guess I know myself pretty good huh? Anyway, I was reading a few threads and some of them are heartwrenching at best. I hope Terri can get help for those kitties. I'm just happy to be able (I think) to hopefully (lol) get this to you somehow...I hope you're in the Carribean somewhere in Costa Rica, maybe? LOL...soakin' up the rays? LOL...Oh well, nice thought...have fun whatever you're doing.
Take care & Many Blessings!
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Catarina.....Sheena is doing well....I take her in tomorrow morning to get her stitches out. And also she will be spayed tomorrow.

I truley appreciate your support....I feel so lost these days, and depressed, noone understands how I feel about losing my dad...and they all expect me to just get over it....and yes it has been 6 months since he passes, but it is hard for me to just "shake" it off and go on. Doesn't anybody understand this? I have been told by a "friend" of mine (and I say that lightly) that I need physiciatric help....because of my depression.

Well, I must say, that one of the things that does make me feel good about life, is coming here and talking to you all. And the love of my cats....I feel so loved when they show their love to me.

People can be cruel....but your cats never are.
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Also, this person told me that I am selfish and only think of myself...and that while I make comments about having no money...I seem to have plenty of money to take care of my many pets (dogs & cats. )

To me that doesn't count. That is like feeding your family. I am so sad tonight. People can be so cruel.

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Dear Debby,
I wish I would have known you were on here earlier. I have have my privacy windows up only because I have been a little depressed myself. I do understand that you're depressed. What I don't understand is someone that would say that you're selfish because you feed your animals. To me that's a bit envious or jealous. I do believe this person is not a true friend. I'm sorry to say...perhaps I should not say that at all, but...I wouldn't say that to my friend especially if I knew that that made her happy to do something so positive and made a big difference in a cruel world. Ya know? Anyway, why do you think there should be a time limit on getting over someone's death? I don't see that you should put that pressure on yourself. Maybe one day you could go to a place where you and your Dad enjoyed together and sit. Reminice there about good times you had with him. I do that with my Dad. He's been gone 25 years now. He died very young. I've moved on; but it was very hard and I made lots of mistakes along the way. You're doing just fine. Stay with positive people, talk and let your emotions out. Try to always be honest with yourself and others. Let God be your first Love. He will show you the truth and the way. You'll be fine hon...have faith...believe and relax...can I get an Amen from ya. <w>
By the way, I think you're a great person; and I don't even know you...lol...okay...so take a deeeeeeeep breath in through your nose.......and slowly release it through your mouth.....aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....how'd that feel?

God Bless You!
Big Hugs!

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oh Catarina....the deep breath felt really good!

Thank you

I wish we lived coser....I think you and I have made some sort of a bond, I hope that makes sense.

Thank you for being here for me through my rough times.....and I am so sorry about Kadaffi....I did pray....and I know he is in heaven.

I dont know you well...but I already love you.

I know some people who know me think I am having far to hard a time dealing with my fathers death, and that I need to "snap" out of it....but none of these people have ever lost a parent....I am not trying to gain sympathy, I just need somone to understand....and it hurt me so bad when I got the e-mail, from someone who used to be a good friend, saying how selfish I was......

I am sorry for laying all this out on you.....it's just that it hurts...and I needed to talk.

Thank you for listening....and I am so glad you came here to the catsite, and I met you.


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Dear Debby,
I think I found my little sister! awwwww you're right we have a true bond...and I honestly believe the Lord led us to one another I really do.
Oh and thank you for your prayers for Kadaffi...I know you loved him too! xoxox...he was such a good boy.
I wanted to tell you something I thought you might find ineresting. When my Dad passed away, I was having a rough time with life on life's terms. I just didn't get it. I didn't want to get it. I was spoiled rotten, not materialistically, it was just that no one could tell me what to do. It was like I knew everything. Well, that came to an abrupt ending and quick too. To make a long drawn out story short, I wound up in a rehab. I was a mess! My councelor's used to tell me that they used to cousel one another after they couseled me...nice, huh? Well, after I was through with the fun & games...I decided to get serious. My father's death seemed to play a significant role in my mental instability. That was at that point..lol...well, Remember one thing..For those that do not understand an explanation is impossible; for those that do; an explanation isn't necessary. That's always stuck out in my mind. It's gotten me through a lot of things with people and I've grown from it. I hope you can too. Hang in there sweets...no pressure...just remember God doesn't want you to worry...give it all to HIM
Lots of Hugs & Love!
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Catarina, thank you so very much for what you said....it does make me feel better! I needed someone to understand....and God sent me an angel *you*

I truely appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope we never lose touch! And I always wanted a sister!!! Cool!!!
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Dear Debby,
I'm really happy to see you smile...teehee. (I bet you didn't know I could see you from here) Anyway, I always wanted a sister too! I didn't know you didn't have a one!...How 'bout that...looks like we're stuck with one another. Cool! Whatever it is that you need I'll be here, 'cause that's the way it should be. I know you'd do the same for me. Not only that you've made it impossible to leave here! LOL Oh, yeah...so did you say you have AIM...if you email me your s/n I'll put you on my buddy list. My email is bufbod007@aol.com so, you can go ahead and put me on your AIM buddy list okay? It'd be great to chat with you!
Lots of hugs!
God Bless You Debby & All Your Loved Ones
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