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I've always claimed I was a cat in a past life - just love sleeping more than is strictly necessary, eating is a joy and the other thing I love is falling asleep in front of the heater - and usually too close to the heater...

Well, last night I fell asleep in front of the heater, as I do, and Max woke me and said, `Come on babe, you're too close, it's bed time'. So I stumbled off to bed and when I woke up this morning noticed a sore spot on my back. On closer inspection I saw that I had indeed been waaaay too close and have burnt my back - right on the waistline of my pants. It is a large blistered mass of pain and the biggest blister was over two centimetres wide!! Ouchy!!! That'll teach me....

or not....lol
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your right owwwww!!!

i have had plenty of serious burns and they are sooo uncomfortable!!

hope you heal up and feel better!!
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Put some burn ointment quick! Sending healing vibes too!
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OUCH! Take care of that - sounds painful.
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Yes I will! I'm going to go over to the endoscopy unit and get some dressings for it cos it's rubbing against my pants waist band and it hurts!!! The big blister popped when I rubbed aloe vera into it so it stings as well...silly me...lol
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See if you can get some silvadene cream. It is prescription, but it really helps burns heal without getting infected. What a bad place for a burn. Bad kitty, no more sleeping by the heater!

And what kind of heater leaves a burn, is that a fire hazard?
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