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kneading her paws

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My newest addition likes to knead her paws while you pet her. OUCH!! It absolutley does not feel good. If she is in your lap and you even just touch her head she'll start purring and digging in. I don't mind tolerating it too much, but I am a bit worried about her hurting the kids.

Also, I notice she doesn't stretch and scratch her claws like other cats. She instead does it very "delicately", almost while she is standing up normally. All you can see is her claws coming out and then retracting back in. Like about 25% of the gusto a normal kitty does it. She still catches the carpet ( or the bedspread that she has taken too quite fondly ), but it looks really strange how lightly she does it.

Has anyone else experienced this?? Is it normal??

Woops, meant to add she is a 1 year old spayed. And has been with us a few days, but is adjusted wonderfully. Alrady made herself right at home!
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Sure it's normal, I would say at least 6 of my cats do this. It is a very calming thing for them. That is what they do to thier mom's when nursing. This is the main reason we keep thier nails clipped. When they do this and it hurts,'s time to do everyones nails again
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I figured you'd say that!! I haven't had the courage to try to trim her claws yet. Poor little baby, its been a long stressful week for her. I'll give it a shot now that she seems a bit more settled in, because at this rate, I will have scars all over me!!

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I keep my cats claws clipped. She HATES it, and my hubbie has to litteraly sit on her. But it must be done. Some cats don't mind.

I was afraid at first also, but you get used to it once you know what to do.....

I got a millers forge nail clipper, which works wonders. Then you cut the nail, but NOT PAST THE PINK PART, which is the quick of the nail. This will hurt the animal. If you are nervous, just trim a little off the first time, then each time you will get more confidence.

Also, do it in daylight, so you can see where the quick ends.

Good luck to you!!!!
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Ya know, I have four inside cats and I've never had to clip their nails..they have a sisal scratching post they use a few times a day and their nails are fine, I check them often but they never need to be trimmed.
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My Joey is a major "claw flexer". He sits there and just flexes his claws in and out. Start now with the clippers. I started with Joey when he was a kitten, and he doesn't mind it at all. I wish I had started as young with Squirt. Clipping his claws is a 3-ring circus.
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I solved the problem by making a natural cat tree out of a manzinita tree limb. We anchored it in plaster, and the cats use it regularly. It blunts their nails when they use it, because it is such hard wood. dtolle, I would recommend you find or make a natural scratching post, not the common one like carpet, but one with rope or wood. This will help the problem.
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I keep Sunshines' claws trimmed pretty regularly. She doesn't like it, so I usually do it when she is napping. But Cymone, I was a bit nervous only because I had never attempted it on her. Well, last night she was sleeping on my lap and I just did it. She didn't even flinch, at one point it appeared she was ENJOYING IT!! Go figure! I guess she'll be the easier of the two after all!
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