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Day At the Beach

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Here are a few pics from a nice, quiet beach in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida. This is "our spot". Today we had it almost all to ourselves.
(Mods: I know this isn't really fur pictures, but wasn't sure where to put this..)
Looking due east through my feet!

Looking North..Hardly any people!

Looking South..

A pretty raincloud.

Our beachfront home...

Just kidding! Don't I wish..
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Looks dreamy!!! Your toes are not very furry Did you wax them?
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wow!, what a gorgeous beach!, I bet the water is warm!
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Isn't the seashore the best place to be?
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Wow, those pictures are just beautiful! Looks like a postcard place to spend time.

I'll move this to the Lounge since your toes aren't furry.
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Funny because I was just thinking of taking my boyfriends digital camera home with me and getting some pics for a bit of a tour of my beach town.

Anyway, looks like you had a blast!
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oh my, i miss Florida
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ooohh i cant wait untill i have my pics developed! the water looks pretty much the same except in sicily there were no waves!
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What lovely pictures Thank you for sharing them with us all! I wish I were sitting on a beach right now drinking Pimms
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