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Ooooh no! I just killed a baby bird!

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Oh, I am so upset! I was trying to save him. Instead I killed him!

When I was watering the yard a couple of hours ago, there was a bird unable to fly near where I was going to water. At that point, I didn't know if he was injured or a baby that couldn't fly properly yet. So I put something up between the mister and him, so he wouldn't get wet if he didn't want to. After starting the mister, I could see that he was trying to get the water off the weeds in the neighbor’s yard where the mister hit, so I took a dish of water out to him. He got to it and drank from it, then got in the dish and cooled himself off. Later, I replaced the dish with another of clean water. He didn't even try to get away from me that time. It was a tree swallow, so I even went looking to see if I could find any insects to give him. He finally hid under a fuchsia in the neighbor's yard and stayed there for an hour or more.

I noticed several times a parent bird apparently flew near and dropped off food for him or checked on him or something; it didn't stay but a few seconds each time. I finally talked to the neighbors and was told what bird house they thought he had come out of. So I went back and was going to put him back in the bird house. Instead, I STEPPED ON HIM! He had come out from under the fuchsia and was totally camouflaged against the bark chips! I heard his little scream when I stepped on him, then he rolled over and died.

Oh, I think I'm going to cry!
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aww, i am so sorry hun! that is awful.

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God bless you for trying to help the little guy.

I would like to think if I ever had problems someone like you would be close by to help me.

People like you are rare.

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How sad, you were only trying to help!! Please don't blame yourself, and know that his chances of surviving the night probably weren't that good anyway....I came across a baby bird that the ants were slowly eliminating - it was awful! And yesterday, a baby bird flew through my doorway and smack into the livingroom window - it landed right at Joey's feet, he was so pleased with the treat, but, oh, poor little fragile thing, it was a baby finch, I think. At least these little birds are over RB, singing happily their songs that were never heard here on Earth.
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Originally Posted by twofatcats
Oh, I think I'm going to cry!
Go ahead and cry.
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Awe... that's so sad... But it's not like you did it on purpose... Atleast he died quickly in the end and was happy before that!!!
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It was an accident.
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That is just awful. And you were trying so hard to help! I am very sorry. My 22y/o dd saved a baby bird a few years ago, and after he got big, I made her let him go. He would fly away, then come back to her. Finally, after a few days of letting him go, he stayed outside, up in the trees. We were so happy.

Then we found him drowned in the horse tank. To think that she saved this featherless baby, and then he died. It is so sad.

You were trying your best. Those wild things are so good at hiding. I'm sorry the two of you had to go through such an awful day. He is at peace now, over the rainbow bridge. Maybe dd's Jackson will teach him to fly!
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Oh, how awful for you!!
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owww sorry...
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ouch! just cry its ok

just make sure the kitties dont get it
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There is a 75% annual mortality rate for birds, at least for doves, so their chances for long-term survival is slim.

There is a bird feeder outside our LR window and a dove nested in it last year and raised 4 families of 2, and she is back this year and is now on her third pair of eggs.

She is tame, at least she doesn't fly when I walk by or run the mower close to her, but Tico, my garage cat makes her nervous, but she has her nest just a little higher than Tico can get her fat butt.

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