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worried about kittens' eyes

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my kittens eyes finally opened but every day i check on them after work and end up using cotton balls and warm water to open one of their eyes....all but one kitten has this problem...is this normal?? well last night i did this to the kittens and one of them had pus....i am going to be calling the vet....its eye looks red and im so worried it has gotten infected.....anyone have this problem??? is momma not cleaning her babies well enough?
thanks for any advice
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Please don't even attempt to open your kitten's eyes. They will usually open on their own and any attempts from you to help this process along could damage those eyes. there is a stuck thread called eye problems-

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ok...so it is normal for one of their eyes to close again and i should leave it alone?...i have not tried to pry open their eyes just wiped them with the warm water and most of their eyes open back up...just that one had pus in it....i just want to make sure im doing this right...its like having four newborns of my own except i am learning day by day on kitten care....im sooooooo glad i found this site...you all have been soooooo wonderful helping me along this wonderful journey......thanks again
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ok after reading the thread u gave hissy it was very very helpful and i will def do as it states...the pus was cloudy white color...not a yellowish-greenish color so that makes me feel a bit better and i will be getting some items listed in the thread......thanks again
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One of my kittens had an eye that was making prodigious amounts of cloudy white conjunctivitis, and it eventually spread to his one open eye, thus both were getting crusted shut. When it got to the point where I had to clean it three times a day for two days in a row, with his eyes looking red, I had enough. Off to the vet, and now I have an antibiotic ointment that I apply twice a day.

I cannot tell you how great the difference is! Almost from the first application, the pus stopped happening, and now both his eyes are clear and beautiful. The ointment was pretty cheap, too - only $10.

If it keeps up, you might want to get that ointment. Also, upon bringing him in for the eye check, the vet wasn't happy with the way his lungs sounded, and thought that he was running a low grade sort of infection. It could be that the eye gunk is just the first sign of that. So, actually, my kitten is on eye medicine as well as antibiotics. I'm so glad I took him in.
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im sooooo glad u told me that....i checked again after work today on them and im going to be def taking them to the vet , ill be calling first thing in the morning...the one that had pus....well his eye looks very very very bad....there is some light green crust now and i am very worried....i have been doing the cleaning as told but im very concerned....and another kittens eye is closed due to crust but no pus or infection from the looks of it , i am concerned about this kitten as well because around its eye looks as if all its hair was rubbed off or licked off???? anyone ever have this happen ??? i do hope nothing major is wrong with them ...i worry because i took momma cat in from someone i know who kept her outside...and im going to be the one paying to get her spayed because i know they wont...anyhow i just hope they grow to be healthy cats ..... its funny how i felt a bit sad after my hysterectomy and then i was blessed with four kittens and their momma
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I'm glad you'll be taking them in for a check. Really, the ointment is a marvel. As to the one with the eye crusted shut but no pus...with my guy, from the outside, it would simply look crusted shut, but when I softened the crust and wiped it off, underneath there'd be tons of pus. So much that I couldn't believe it had all been hidden underneath that little bit of crust. I imagine this kind of thing can spread, so you should take all the ones with any eye crustys in for a check.

As to the hair missing - maybe momma cat is licking the eyes too much and the hair is being abraded right off?

Good luck at the vet's, I hope you get the ointment and have as quick and great a response in your kittens as I did mine.
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i too think maybe momma was licking that eye and thats what happened....i will know more for sure tomarrow...thank u again and i will def be calling the vets office tomarrow to get them in.... i will keep ya posted on how it goes
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